Knockout line-up confirmed for PYC Snooker challenge

Knockout line-up confirmed for PYC Snooker challenge

Apex Falcons,CCI,Snooker Kings,Warriors book last four spots

Apex Falcons,Cricket Club of India (CCI),Snooker Kings and PYC Warriors were the last four teams to make it to the knockout rounds of the 10th edition of the PYC-ATC Snooker Challenge 2013 Championship. The tournament is being organised by PYC Hindu Gymkhana and is in progress at the PYC,Deccan Gymkhana and Turf Club tables.

In group A,Apex Falcons outplayed RCBC Outlaws 3-0 while In group B,PYC Warriors thrashed Poona Club Rockers 3-0. In group O,CCI Snooker Kings,Mumbai,stopped PYC Markers team 3-0 to book a spot in the round of 32.

In group C,Players Point Ousted CSD Tuxedoes 3-0. Poona Club Rockers had it tough,eventually scraping past Club Palazo Shooters 2-1. GA Tigers,Deccan Killers and Bachelors Point were the other teams who also sealed their spots in the knockout round. The knockout rounds will start from Thursday.

Results: League round: Group G: CSD Victors bt PYC Dons 3-0(Shivraj Mohite bt Udayan Bhagwat 48-52,58-41,60-50,72-42; Kaiwalya Chavan bt Sanjiv Patel 60-34,43-20,71-35; Rahul Laddad bt Anish Shah 66-18,58-14,56-14);


Group B: PYC Warriors bt Poona Club Rockers 3-0 (Yogesh Lohiya bt Rajiv Khandke 56-19,53-33,67-16; Aditya Deshpande bt Suraj Rathi 83-07,67-59,66-43; Nishad Chaughule W/O Sham Rathi);

Group C: Players Point bt CSD Tuxedoes 3-0 (Karan Henry bt Jeevan Patil 53-29,35-72,57-28,44-57,47-34; Nikash Kanade bt Vishal Narayane 54-52,11-53,57-52,65-37; Naveen Chauhan bt Rahul Bhattad 63-29,61-49,30-50,61-21;

Group B: Poona Club Rockers bt Club Palazo Shooters 2-1 (Anish Kering bt Kalyan Ashturkar 10-54,64-47,48-28,74-35; Suraj rathi bt Rohan Sakalkar 14-76,07-57,63-44,48-40,59-56; Rajiv Khandke lost to Sagar Banode 0-1,68-07,26-68,19-55);

Group C: Bachelors Point bt CSD Tuxedoes 3-0 (Billal bt Rahul Bhattad 51-23,46-22,49-25; Krishnaraj Arcot bt Jeevan Patil 67-23,64-20,63-24; Chetan Rajput bt Vishal Narayane 39-58,57-17,64-35,62-31);

Group A: Apex Falcons bt RCBC Outlaws 3-0 (Yogesh Sharma bt Bittu Ahluwalia 56-03,52-22,59-03; IV Rajeev bt Rishi Ramaiya 66-29,63-13,54-35; Kankan Shamshi bt Mit Karia 66-15,71-22,58-67,60-18);

Group A: Apex Falcons bt Deccan Killers 2-1 (IV Rajeev bt Sahil Gadiya 70-06,42-54,20-57,67-17,63-13; Kankan Shamshi lost to Amol Abdagiri 47-50,32-69,62-42,57-66; Vijay Nichani bt Vitthal Dhamale 77-07,62-58,45-35);

Group O: CCI Snooker Kings bt PYC Marker 3-0 (Himanshu Jain bt Mohan Jagtap 63-19,71(62)-15,49-15; Rishabh Pandya bt Vishal Kadam 61-30,63-32,40-38; Hasan Badami bt Manoj Kadam 62-14,58-03,62-43);

Group B: PYC Warriors bt Club Palazo Shooters 2-0 (Nishad Chuaghule bt Sagar Banode 53-30,69-33,66-35; Aditya Deshpande bt Rohan Sakalkar 62-26,71-34,67-55);

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