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‘Industries recognise sustainability is also a key performance indicator’

Pune-based Haber has recently raised its Series B funding worth $ 20 million. In the field of AI-driven robotics, the company works mostly with a variety of verticals to usher in sustainability and economy of cost.

From Left to Right: Vipin Raghavan, Priya Venkat and Arjunan P N.

Founders of Haber Vipin Raghavan, Priya Venkat and Arjunan PN spoke to The Indian Express about their experience and their product eLIXA.

You are in an industry where sustainability counts a lot more than others. Have you seen the industries being open to your solution given it allows them to optimise and help in sustainability? Which sectors have you seen responding more than others?

Sustainability certainly plays a key role in the sector we are working in. Most of the process manufacturing industries are water-intensive in nature and are focused on optimising the usage and supporting means of recycling it. Being the main consumers, a small step by them towards sustainability results in a huge impact on the environment. The industry is in the process of building a good understanding of sustainability. They are recognising the fact that in the coming days along with efficiency, sustainability will also be a key performance indicator for them. Gone are the days when sustainability was pushed majorly through government regulations. These days it is driven by the desire of consumers who not only look into the sustainability of the end product but also the journey of production, and the producers who have realised that sustainability is crucial in the long run.

We have so far worked with the pulp and packaging, food and beverages processing (sugar, dairy processing etc) and metals and mineral processing industries. Industries have given a warm welcome to our product and the reception has been equally good in all the industries we operate. The value proposition of driving both efficiency and sustainability has been received well. It addresses two key issues industries are challenged by. The solution also paves the way towards the adoption of industry 4.0 and leads them into the future.

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Have you interacted with government bodies? eLIXA, if I understand correctly can help the authorities get a heads up in case of microbial content in water and thereby plugging any leaks or treating water in a township before major illness spreads. Has any government body shown interest in your product? If yes please provide details…

So far in our journey, we have not interacted with any of the government bodies. Our area of work has been with the process manufacturing industries, which are the major consumers of water.

How far has automation reached this sector of the industry? Who is your closest competitor in terms of revenues? Do you have out of India clients or are your clients mostly based in the country? To date how many eLIXAs have you installed and in which industries?


Automation is making steady progress in the industry. With industries being challenged by a shrinking workforce due to Covid restrictions and increasing demand, they needed to automate as much as possible. The human resource is now being used in areas of critical importance such as strategic decision making. In fact, AI-ML is also making decision making more robust by providing data-driven insights. The process manufacturing industry in India has begun to realise the potential of technology. The industry has begun to observe the progress one can make in terms of operational efficiencies and production capacity, through the new technological advancements.

Haber is one of the pioneers in bringing cross-industry technology together, which can impact productivity, profitability and sustainability significantly. Technological advancements have become a need to win through the competitive global market and to leverage the growth opportunities.

Ecolab and Aspen technology are other key service providers in the same field. Our clientele extends beyond the geographies of India. Expanding across the globe is one of our key focuses right now. To date, we have installed over 100 eLIXAs.


What are other products do you have in your portfolio? Are there plans for the development of newer products with this investment?

Haber is keen on transforming the industry through its deep knowledge of AI-ML methods. This when combined with the years of expertise in the process manufacturing industry, helps us to come up with solutions that can solve the key challenges faced by them. We are working on building data-driven solutions. Unlike several software solutions in the market, we plan to build solutions keeping in mind the key challenges faced by the industry so that we provide the best fit product. In addition to exploring new geographies, we are in the process of building new products currently.

First published on: 25-11-2021 at 11:02:28 am
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