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Thursday, July 19, 2018

India intimidated?

Debating on internal and external terrorism and the consequences that the country faces due to the menace,speakers who had a tryst with it at different levels spoke on...

Written by Tanvi Salkar | Published: March 26, 2009 3:40:13 am

Terrorism has terrified the nation,conclude luminaries at an open discussion on India: Terrorised or Terrified II

Debating on internal and external terrorism and the consequences that the country faces due to the menace,speakers who had a tryst with it at different levels spoke on,India: Terrorised or Terrified,on Tuesday evening at Hotel Sun n Sand.

The discussion that saw a range of opinions was held on the occasion of the annual day of Young Indians,the youth wing of CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) with former-Mayor Vandana Chavan,Colonel (retd) Lalit Rai,author Mukul Deva and sportsperson Michael Ferreira speaking on the topic.

Author of military thrillers,Deva,who recently released his book Salim Must Die that is the sequel of Lashkar,that was well received in the past,stressed on the need for an aggressive strategy to tackle terrorism. “According to me,there is one form of terrorism which is from outside,and which can be combated by war with a clean political will,police and intelligence. Then there are reforms that gather dust because we do not demand more. Why do we vote for politicians who preach hate,who tell us what wrong others have done? This is where we are responsible and I call it the terrorism from within and change is only sustainable if it begins from us,” he said.

Chavan and Rai cited personal instances on how people power can challenge and win over any decision of the government combating internal terrorism and the fear that exists among the people on the borders due to external terrorism. Ferreira spoke on how politics was largely responsible for spoiling relations adding,“Indians and Pakistanis have a natural affinity towards each other,the leaders don’t. Cordial relations can exist and sports is one such arena that wipes all differences and we emerge as clean competitors In fact when Mumbai was attacked my friends from Pakistan called to find out how we were. What about the fundamentalism that exists within. How dare people attack my community,our rites are not safeguarded and the chunk of people who did moral policing at Mangalore are walking unperturbed.”

Disagreeing that peace is welcome from across the border Deva adds,“The spirit of jehad is bredthere from kindergarten. Terrorism penetrated further with the Mumbai attacks so rather than event based thinking we must possess a strong strategy.”

However,both of them agreed that terrorism had eventually led to a terrified nation referring to the transfer of the IPL out of India as a reprehensible move. “It is unfortunate because India is running scared and the message being sent out is that terrorism has won,” added Ferreira.


Young Indians is the youth wing of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) that promotes entrepreneurship in India. It has over 800 direct members from sixteen city chapters,and indirect membership of 5000 through Corporate Chapters,Student Net and so on. Yi works for leadership skills for the development of its members through the learning platform,engagement of students in schools and colleges through the students net which engage more than 3000 students from 35 educational institutions across India as well as engaging members for the development of the country through the membership platform. Yi works in partnerships with Government,companies,civil society organizations,holding sessions and interactions with eminent personalities from various fields conducting campaigns and developing projects across areas of primary education,environment,primary healthcare and employability and so on. The annual day of the Pune Yi Chapter was held on Tuesday,with Monika Trivedi as the chair of the Pune Chapter who took over from Chetan Wakalkar. The Pune chapter has over hundred Yi members and around thousand Yi net members.

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