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IAP to create infection-free environment for children

12 workshops to train 500 paediatricians and health professionals under Safe Injection Environment campaign in six months.

12 workshops to train 500 paediatricians and health professionals under Safe Injection Environment campaign in six months.

In view of creating a safer environment for children across the country,the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) is launching a nationwide Safe Injection Environment (SIE) Campaign.

The campaign aims at training over 500 paediatricians and health professionals from across the country in safe injection practices and protect children from infectious diseases.

Injections are the most commonly used procedure of administering vaccines,medicines and other related medication across the world. A child is introduced to injections when he is only a few days old by means of immunisation,which accounts for only about 5 per cent of the total number of injections a person is administered with. The rest 95 per cent are for therapeutic reasons.


Healthcare professionals often re-use syringes or needles,assuming that they are safe. They also recap the needles after use and throw the bodies of the syringes into a single container. Such practices need to be rectified. They need to be trained in sanitisation and other safe practices.

According to WHO estimates,42 per cent of the Hepatitis C and 33 per cent of Hepatitis B cases can be attributed to such unsafe practices. Under the SIE campaign,IAP,which is the premier association of pediatricians in the country,will be conducting city-based training workshops in 12 locations across the country.

The nationwide campaign will represent IAP members from five zones — East,West,North,South and Central. On May 12,the safe injection environment module was rolled out nationally.

IAP will be engaging with local government officials to leverage them as key influencers for the training programmes.

Talking about the significance of the SIE campaign,Dr Sailesh Gupta,Secretary General,Indian Academy of Pediatrics,said,“According to a 2004 INCLEN study on injection practices,about 63 per cent of all injections administered in India are unsafe. Unsafe injection practices are a crucial reason behind spread of various diseases such as hepatitis. When it comes to children’s health,the importance of safe injections cannot be over-emphasised.”

IAP recently released the Safe Injection Guidelines,which talks comprehensively about the current situation analysis,science behind injection techniques,the Do’s and Don’ts to ensure Safe Injection Practices. These have been developed by a group of experts from IAP and are also available on their website for wider dissemination.