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Monday, July 16, 2018

Holy game

For Aditi Bhagwat,Holi was not a slapdash game previously for the fear of the side effects of synthethic colours.

Written by Tanvi Salkar | Published: March 11, 2009 2:37:02 am

As herbal colours provide a safer option-this festive season,live with the colours

For Aditi Bhagwat,Holi was not a slapdash game previously for the fear of the side effects of synthethic colours. However,playing smart this holi,Bhagwat is strictly using herbal and ecofriendly colors. For many people like her the festival also has a cautious side as people are asserting on the use of herbal colours and other precautions in order to prevent infections caused due to the toxics.

Colours available in the market contain oxidised metals,dyes with oil with several chemicals including copper sulphate,aluminium bromide and lead oxide causing a range of hazards from infections to severe diseases including skin cancer. However,natural extracts from flowers,vegetables and minerals made including rose,marigold,sandalwood,gram flour and so on are harmless. “A lot of people come in by afternoon to relax and get rid of the colours and we generally observe that the oxidized colors lead to rashes and pimples damaging the skin. Herbal colours are recommended and we use ayurvedic cleansers for our various treatments,” adds Shubhash Jha,Spa Manager,Sahil Sarovar Portico Resorts and Spa.

Using a mild shampoo and applying it on the scalp as well as the skin can help remove the colours subtlety. Using oil to prevent the colours from spreading on the skin is also useful and applying coating of nailpaints- on fingers can keep them protected. Dental caps can also be very useful to save teeth from obstinate stains. “Herbal colours are the best. If not,people should stick to water based colors. However,colours with oil and grease are the most dangerous. The most fundamental precaution is to apply a layer of Vaseline or a moisturiser. However,to eliminate them using strong soaps is a strict no no since scrubbing can increase its contact with the skin and cause further allergies. People should instead use mild soaps with lukewarm water and give the colours some time to wash away,” adds Dr Sunil Polat,consulting dermatologist at Jehangir Hospital.

The water balloons and jet splashes will be inevitable and as the moods mount,all we can say is — prevention is always better than cure.

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