Health Matters: Spine Surgery

Health Matters: Spine Surgery

A Hyderabad-based young business analyst who fell from a height of eight feet underwent a successful spine surgery recently.

A Hyderabad-based young business analyst who fell from a height of eight feet underwent a successful spine surgery recently. The treatment that was done at the Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital,was for Sachin Kumar’s (name changed) severe spine fracture with bone fragments pressing the nerves. He suffered disabling pain in his back and legs and was at a risk of paralysis. Dr Amol Rege,spine consultant,Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital,decided to operate with the new spine surgery procedure ‘sextant rod insertion system surgical technique’ to correct the fracture in his spine. The rare and complex surgery took two hours and corrected the patient’s spinal injury and curve ensuring the patient could walk in two days.The advantages of this minimally-invasive spinal surgery technique include no large scars on the back,only smaller incisions(slits),a shorter hospital stay,reduced post-operative pain,less blood loss,a shorter recovery time and reduced risk of infection. “This technique is useful in spine fractures,degenerative disc conditions requiring spinal fusion,spondylolysis wherein there is slippage of one vertebra over other,resulting in back and leg pain.” he added.

ISAKOS Congress

The International Society of Arthroscopy,Knee Surgery & Orthopedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS) Congress was recently held for the first time in Mumbai. A team of two members,Michele Johnson,executive director,and Judy Cooper,certified operating room nurse consultant of surgical labs,also visited Sancheti Hospital. They shared details on the latest technologies and treatments concerning arthroscopy,knee surgery and orthopedic sports medicine. ISAKOS is an international society of surgeons established to advance the worldwide exchange and dissemination of education,research and patient care in the three fields. Dr Parag Sancheti,chairman of Sancheti Hospital and course convener of ISAKOS,said,“Every year,ISAKOS is conducted in various countries. It was India’s turn this year. The education course on “Surgical Technique and Case Presentations for the Knee” spoke on current developments in the management of knee,shoulder and elbow,hip,foot and ankle and muscle related injuries in athletes.”

Web Live Surgery

Taking professional medical training to the next level,Zimmer Institute,India,launched the Web Live Surgery across the country. As part of a series of live surgeries,a Difficult Revision Knee Replacement surgery was performed at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital. The objective of the event is to share knowledge on how to deal with patients with advanced arthritis. The Zimmer Web Live Surgery was performed by invited foreign faculty Dr Kelly G Vince from New Zealand and Dr Hemant Wakankar from Pune. Dr Wakankar,head of Orthopaedics Department,Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital,said,“In the dynamic medical field,we regularly encounter difficult and advanced cases. For example,the revision knee replacement,where you replace an already implanted joint,is more complex than total knee replacement done for the first time.”

(Compiled by Anuradha Mascarenhas)