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‘Govt has bagful of promises, zero delivery’

Most important issue for the new govt is religion and not inflation or suicide of farmers, say leaders at 2-day meet.

Instead of delivering on its promises made to people during the election campaign, leaders of the BJP-led government at the Centre and the state are encouraging divisive politics, said senior leaders of the NCP attending a two-day meeting of leaders of the state unit of the party. The NCP leaders, however, refrained from making any mention of the scheduled visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Baramati to share the dais with party chief Sharad Pawar.

NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal led the attack on the BJP which he blamed for disturbing communal harmony.

“BJP raised development issues during elections. Now they seem to have a different agenda. This is clear through statements made by organisations related to BJP,” he said. “The most important issue for the new government is religion and not inflation or farmers committing suicide.”


Bhujbal alleged that the BJP-led government wants to change everything including the Constitution. “The words ‘socialist’ and ‘secular’ being struck off from the Preamble of the Indian Constitution depicted in a Republic Day advertisement issued by the BJP government is an indication of their intentions. The Modi government should apologise if they admit it as a mistake or else declare that it was done on purpose,” he said.

The leaders of BJP call the “assassination” (hatya) of Mahatma Gandhi as “killing”(vadh), Bhujbal said. “There is a big difference between the two. The use of the words speak about the way BJP leaders think about Mahatma Gandhi who is respected across the world.”
BJP leaders and organisations linked to BJP have been playing with religious sentiment of citizens by dictating the way one should preach religion, though they ask those from the Hindu community to give birth to four children, and not to worship Sai Baba revered across religions.

Another leader, Jayant Patil, said the BJP had a bagful of assurances for voters during the election but have not been able to translate any of them into reality. “The BJP declared cancelling the toll on highways. They have not done anything about it after coming to power,” he said.

They said local body tax (LBT) would be abolished but the state government has not done that so far and is planning to charge a “cess on Value Added Tax” (VAT) to revoke LBT. “The state government decision to levy a ‘cess on VAT’ would be applicable across the state. The rural people will have to shell out more, so that revenue for use in urban areas can be raised. Poor citizens would suffer,” Patil said.


Former NCP state chief Bhaskar Jadhav said it was time to question the government on the tall promises made during elections. “They were constantly attacking the previous government over issues related to the state and assured people of resolving them after coming to power. They have been in power for 100 days but there is not a single thing they can claim of having resolved,” he added.