Google mapping finds no trace of 30 heritage structures

Google mapping finds no trace of 30 heritage structures

The list of missing structures include Datta Mandir Somwar Peth,Ganapateshwar Temple Shukrawar Peth and Bholagir Temple Complex

The ongoing work of Google mapping of the heritage structures of the city has shown that at least 30 heritage structures have gone missing from the city’s landscape. This was noted by the heritage committee of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) that has undertaken the mapping work. Minutes of the heritage committee’s meeting,procured by The Indian Express under the RTI Act,shows that the present committee came to know about the missing structures as early as June 2011.

The committee on June 19,2011,had discussed the issue of updating the existing heritage list for the city. This work was undertaken in tandem with the revision of the development plan (DP) of the city. As per the minutes,the previous heritage list was finalised in the early 1990s. The heritage list maintained in the office of deputy director,town planning,had the names of 292 structures,while the list maintained by the PMC had the names of 243 structure in its list.

INTACH was given the work of updating the list,to be appended with the revised DP. It was decided that the structures would be marked on the DP maps using Google Earth software. Other than the location,brief history and photographs of the structures were also to be updated . However,the minutes point out that when it came to locating the structures,the committee discovered that many of the structures were missing form their location.

“It was noticed that many of the Grade I-II and III structures were missing from their site. It was decided that a separate list of such structures would be made,” the minutes stated. Of the 30 missing structures,the minutes list Datta Mandir Somwar Peth,Ganapateshwar Temple Shukrawar Peth,Mrityunjaeshwar temple Shukruwar Peth,Bholagir Temple Complex and the Samadhi of Ragunath Narayan Hanumanthe in Pashan.


Most of the missing structures belonged to Grade III heritage list. Officially Grade 1 structures are those that are associated with national events or personalities. Grade II structures are associated with regional history and Grade III structures are those associated with the history of the city or locality.

Executive engineer of the Heritage Committee,Shyam Dhawale,said the absence of proper landmarks had made it difficult to locate the structures. “As we were unble to identify the structures,they might have been destroyed in either road widening or other related activities,” he said.

Sharvey Dhongade,committee member and INTACH representative,said the list which formed the base of the committee’s work did not have the exact addresses.

“For want of proper addresses we could not locate the structures and thus they have been listed as missing,” he said.