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Friday, July 20, 2018

Going Glocal

The foodieness of Pune city was never in question. Of late,there seems to be a sudden influx of exotic cuisines from every part of the globe.

Written by Akanksha Ramgopal | Published: May 12, 2012 7:44:33 am

The foodieness of Pune city was never in question. Of late,there seems to be a sudden influx of exotic cuisines from every part of the globe. African cuisine from the equator,German cuisine from Europe,and then Korean cuisine from the East have recently enlivened the gastronomical landscape here.

When it comes to African cuisine,as is the norm with hot regions,the food is spicy. Chef Bhupat Singh,who trained with various chefs for a month before getting this cuisine to Pune,says,”I had to reduce the amount of spices a little to suit the Indian palate,but making the food mild doesn’t change the flavour of the food much. They use a lot of garlic and parsley and you will be able to tell the distinct difference between flavours used in Indian and African food.” The African cuisine was being served at Barbeque Nation in the city as part of their The Return of Hakuna Matata festival. Besides food,they went all the way in creating an ambiance complete with waiters wearing leopard print clothing. But if you decide to try out this cuisine,there are a few must-haves the Orange Fish Stick,the Prawns-al-Zambaliya,African Peanut Soup (Maumba Nsusu),and the Doro Wat (Chicken with Ras-el-Hanout). For vegetarians,there are the Citrus Grilled Caribbean Cottage Cheese and the Morraccan Harirra soup.

Till May 18,Puneites can savour the authentic flavours of German cuisine at the Hyatt Regency. Chef Paul Hoffman has come from Cologne to Pune in this culinary quest. “Parsley,basil leaves,and black pepper are the main flavouring agents in German food,” he says. When asked to explain the German cuisine,he says,”The Indian cuisine has a lot of curries and the German food as has a lot of stews. As in most cold countries,German food is fat heavy,as that keeps the body warm. That is why a lot of meats like pork,beef and poultry is used.” The chef suggests one don’t miss the authentic Kartoffel Suppe (potato soup),the Schweinefilet,which is pork with broccoli and almond,the Spätle with parsley,and the dessert special,which is Bavarian Cream with Strawberries.

Now for the Eastern import. Chef Choi and Kim have came down from Seoul to showcase the essence of Korean cuisine at the Sen5es Restaurant & Lounge at Oakwood Premier till May 13. Some of the hot favourites of the crowd that attended the Korean food festival. were the Bibinbap,which is a mixed vegetable served with rice,the Dubu Jorim,made using beans,curd,and served with soya stemmed rice,and the Dak Jorium,with is a chicken and vegetable stew.

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