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Monday, July 16, 2018

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Delhi-based singer Chinmayi’s upcoming album,Mann Bawra,features Rahul Ram of Indian Ocean in one of the tracks

Written by Joyce William John | Published: August 29, 2013 3:48:54 am

Ahead of a live performance,singer-songwriter Chinmayi typically feels very nervous. “There are many things that go on in my mind — will the sound be right,will I remember to stop at the right point,will I carry the aalaap right,” she says. But once on stage,everything changes. “It will sound philosophical but when I start singing,it feels like someone greater is supporting me,” says Chinmayi,who is set to launch her second album Mann Bawra with a live performance at Hard Rock Café today.

The album features nine tracks and Rahul Ram of Indian Ocean has sung parts in one of the songs called Fakira. “I wanted a rustic voice that would have the soul of a real fakir,and Ram has that voice. Even though he didn’t know me,I randomly approached him. He heard the song,liked it and agreed to come on board,” says the 24-year-old,adding that before approaching him,she was unsure about the outcome of the meeting. “I have been a huge fan of Indian Ocean and have particularly admired Ram’s free-spirited personality but established musicians can be very moody. I didn’t know if he would have the time for my project. But things worked out perfectly,” she says. While the singer knows that Ram’s name attached to her song will help many more notice her album,she is certain that its popularity will solely depend on the quality of her songs and not because of who is featured in it.

Trained in Hindustani classical music,the Delhi-based singer describes her compositions as fusion music with a strong classical influence. “I have a general tendency towards melody rather than rhythm. But,I like fusion because it opens a lot of doors to experimentation and helps me learn various kinds of music,” says Chinmayi.

The range of genres included in the track is wide. While the title track Mann bawra has a Carnatic influence,another song Parinday is heavy on dubstep. “Parinday is the song of a bird and composer-producer duo Neehar-Deepak,who produced my album,felt dubstep combined well with the track even though it’s not my genre. It’s all diversified but I generally don’t mix ragas,” says the singer,whose first song Aali,released on MySpace in 2011,received rave reviews.

(Chinmayi will perform at Hard Rock Café today,8.30 pm onwards)

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