Freedom of choice,course and centre

Freedom of choice,course and centre

Autonomous colleges under the University of Pune will soon be able to start degree courses on their own without taking permission from the university.

University gives colleges autonomy to start courses

Autonomous colleges under the University of Pune will soon be able to start degree courses on their own without taking permission from the university. This will now be possible under one of the university statutes revised by a special committee.

The committee had been tasked to revise the statutes to encourage more and more colleges to go for autonomy. Some of the exisiting statutes are 10 years old.

Dr Gajanan Ekbote,who headed the committee,said,“We have suggested around 50 amendments to the present statutes. At present,autonomous colleges can start their own certificate courses but have to take the university’s permission to start any degree course. The new version of the statutes relaxes this norm,giving colleges real academic autonomy.”


The amendment statutes will not give teachers any cause for worry. The panel has recomended that the teachers’ present posts remain as they are even after autonomy is granted to their colleges.

At present,somany colleges are affiliated to the university that it is difficult to handle the procedures such as conducting an examination,changing a syllabus or starting a new course. It is to reduce this load that the UGC has offered autonomy as a option. However,of the total 200 colleges,only fourin Pune district have opted for autonomous status so far.

The aim of revising the statutes is to take up the number to at least 20 in the next two years. “This will be a unique step by the UoP,which can be replicated in other state universities,” said Ekbote.

Vice-Chancellor Narendra Jadhav had appointed the three-member panel headed by Ekbote. The other members were B R Chopade and Ashok Joshi.

The UGC has already issued new guidelines for the autonomy. The committee recommended amendments based on these guidelines.

While the management council of the UoP has already passed the report of the committee,the academic council recently accepted the report in principle. “The UoP will hold a special meeting of the academic council to discuss the report around February 15,” said Jadhav. The report will be passed over to the senate in March and after the senate’s nod,it will go to the chancellor for final approval.

Autonomy is aimed at making colleges self-sufficient in finance and management. It gives free hand to colleges in revision of syllabus in consultation with the industry and according to the market demand.

“The guidelines say there would not be any cut in grants by the state government and all the present posts of the teachers would be maintained. Moreover,the autonomous colleges can fix up the fees,” said Ekbote.

The other important recommended amendment is that the colleges get autonomy for six years and that the review committee of the UGC inspect the colleges two times during this period. Also,boards of management will also have more members from the colleges and the educationals institute concerned.