For first time, nearly 1,200 junior colleges to undergo inspection in Pune

For first time, nearly 1,200 junior colleges to undergo inspection in Pune

There are approximately 1,214 junior colleges in Pune division of which 878 are aided colleges while 336 colleges are unaided.

For the first time, a comprehensive inspection of all 1,200-odd junior colleges in Pune division — Pune, Satara, Ahmednagar — will be conducted by the office of the deputy director of education (DDE).

The DDE officials said that it is for the first time that complete records of all colleges with respect to admissions, fees, scholarships, teachers approvals, qualitative teaching, pass records, among others will be examined.

The inspections will begin in December and go on till January end, said Ramchandra Jadhav, deputy director of education, adding it would be a long-drawn process.


“Until now, we used to select a few junior colleges randomly and carry out the inspections. Now, in a bid to improve the quality of education and ensure fairness, at least one inspection drive would cover all the junior colleges. Within a few days, we will issue a notification to all the colleges to keep their records ready as it will be a surprise inspection,” said Meenakshi Raut, assistant director of education, Pune. She said that 20 officials will be divided into five teams and will cover the three districts on a daily basis.


Jadhav said that the junior colleges should take these inspections seriously as it could impact their reports and grants. “There are many points on which colleges need to be assessed. For example, if a junior college is asked to submit its record on pass percentage and if during inspection, we find it less than 20 per cent, then we can stop the grant/aid to that college. We will also check student attendance, number of lectures taken by teachers, infrastructure facilities etc, which will help us assess the quality of education,” added Jadhav.

Besides this, inspections would also reveal if colleges have adequate teaching staff and teachers’ qualifications, admission-related details and details of scholarships sought, among others.