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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

FACE TO FACE with Shahzan Padamsee

My current favourites are Slumdog Millionaire and Dostana...

Written by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: February 27, 2009 10:31:40 pm

What’s on your iPod?
House music by Hed Kandi.

What’s your DVD pick?
My current favourites are Slumdog Millionaire and Dostana.

Your favourite romantic scene in a movie?
I love the scene from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge where Shah Rukh Khan meets Kajol on the terrace at night and he brings her food to break her fast.

Which actor would you love to go on a date with and why?
I’d pick Tom Cruise because of his great looks and charming personality.

Which dialogue have you mouthed in front of the mirror the most?
Hasta la vista,baby.

Who inspired you to become an actor?
My dad,Alyque Padamsee.

The worst film you ever watched?
The Scary Movie series,which are spoofs on other films.

Which film you wish you could be a part of?
Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge; I love that movie.

What makes you an actor?
I have what it takes and that includes personality,confidence,talent and looks.

Quiz: From which film is this line: Aisa to aadmi life mein doich time bhaagta hai. Olympic ka race ho,yaa Police ka case ho. Tum kisliye bhaagta hai bhai?
Amar Akbar Anthony. (Correct answer)

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