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Expectations of India Inc from Modi government

There are numerous things that the industry expects from the new government, a few of which could be listed, like proactive measures to encourage infrastructure on every level, airport, navigational facilities, safety measures.

As the juggernaut of the Narendra Modi government starts rolling, expectations from various sectors also are buoyant with many expecting urgent reforms in various sectors. Starting from tax reforms, to reforms in the agriculture sector, the present government has much to deliver as expectations are high. Issues related to reforms in the real estate sector, fixed price for farm produce, easing of the tax regime are some of the many issues that need urgent attention of the government.

Chandrajit Banerjee
Director General, CII

We believe the Prime Minister would shape a strong agenda to engage private sector entrepreneurs with national development, through structured dialogue mechanisms and shared activities. CII would present its suggestions on the policy framework for growth, as also its ongoing and proposed programme of action with the new Government. CII strongly appreciates the selection of the cabinet members. We are delighted to see a lean team. A lean teamwork would definitely lead to effective governance. CII anticipates a quick and proactive agenda of economic and governance policies, including fiscal consolidation, fast-tracking of stranded projects, and sectoral initiatives for infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture and mining.

Lailt Kumar Jain
chairman, CREDAI
The realtors apex body expressed confidence that the real estate and infrastructure industry would get due priority in the new government. Welcoming merger of Housing and Urban Development department, which was suggested by them for a long time, he said it will ensure coordination and proper control.

Emphasizing the importance of state-centre co-ordination, he said Veinkaihaji will be the best person to make this happen. He acknowledges Venkaiahji’s grasp of urban issues and his address to CREDAI conclave early this year which created a lot of hope amongst developers.


He also welcomed the appointment of Prakash Javdekar as Environment minister. In Maharashtra alone, investment of more than 1 lakh crore is stuck, whereas approval process of environment, clearance in urban areas where master plan exists is unnecessary.

Arun Naithani
CEO, Cybage
It is a norm to expect the moon from the government, post elections and each and every industry comes up with their list of demand and expectations from the government.

However, my personal point of view is that the government should take a holistic approach while deciding its policy.

The key driver for the economy, should be growth and we as an industry would be supporting all the steps which are taken to achieve that.

This would not be the first time that I would be interacting with him as we had done so earlier in Gujarat . He had come across as a quick action, and a focused administrator. We are sure he will take the right decision which will see growth and will not be swayed by populist actions.

Prasanna Patwardhan
Chairman & Managing Director, Purple MetroLink

The rule of the government according to me is to act as a facilitator and not to do things themselves. Instead of running everything themselves, the government should open up markets/sectors for private public partnership (PPP) model.

In the transport sector, the urgent need is to allow private players in some of the sectors as that would solve a major problem immediately. We have prepared a vision document which we will be presenting before the government.

The government should go a step ahead and have an audit of infrastructure that they have provided. For none of the roads in the country there has been any audit and they should take it up immediately.

Pramesh Parikh
GM, Carver Aviation

There are numerous things that the industry expects from the new government , few of which could be listed, like proactive measures to encourage infrastructure on every level, airport, navigational facilities, safety measures etc. The government should take steps to encourage low cost airports. They should take steps to encourage regional airlines, to connect rural india and small cities. Also steps should be taken to decentralise many of the permits necessary.

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