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Examinations: Take A Break

It's midnight. Sushma Sharma,a first year MCom student at Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce,is wide awake,munching on her favourite 'stress medicine' hours before her next examination paper.

It’s midnight. Sushma Sharma,a first year MCom student at Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce,is wide awake,munching on her favourite ‘stress medicine’ hours before her next examination paper. She eats oats with curd and honey as she flips through her Accounts text books till the wee hours. ��My mother used to look so confused whenever she saw me eat a French combination of oats,curd and honey late at night. Later,I explained to her that it helps me de-stress in between continuous papers,” shares Sushma. With the ongoing exam fever,youngsters have found different ways of keeping stress at bay. After hours of studying,most keep aside a designated time slot to unwind. From a quick bike ride to a midnight chai session,there are numerous ways of blocking out exam tension.

Neha Rahaman,an MBA student at Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research,does not compromise on her daily dose of sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother or Big Bang Theory even before the toughest papers. “Funny sitcoms help me relax a lot. I do not need to think or use my brains while watching them. They make me laugh and that makes for a good break before I get back to solving equations or mathematical problems,” she says. Does she watch films too? “Films are time consuming whereas an episode of a sitcom is just 15 minutes long. I can get back to my studies immediately after my dose of laughter,” she answers. Unlike Neha,Nishtha Pathak,who recently completed her Masters in Communications,watches a movie before her paper. “You end up overloading your senses and forgetting everything after a certain point. My exams used to be in the afternoon so before the paper,I would watch a movie. It could be anything,a regional film,Hindi movie or an English classic. It helps me compose my thoughts for the paper,” she says,adding,”The mantra worked and all my papers always went well.”

If Shivang Joshi,a third year design student at MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design,has a break in-between exams,he prefers sweating it out on the soccer field. “Though we do not have written papers that often,facing juries can make one very nervous. I eat good food and play soccer to keep the stress at bay,” says Joshi. According to city-based psychologist,Pradnya Gurjar,dedicating an hour to oneself during examinations is necessary. “It is very important to relax and unwind in between exams. Studying continuously might block the mind after a certain point of time,” says Gurjar who stresses on eating well and working out.

For Vasundhara Apte,a fourth year law student,exercising and trance music help her “vent out the stress” and gear up for the next paper. A brief ride to the nearest chai tapri to meet friends and a sip into a hot cup of tea is the trick to fare well in the following day’s paper for Divya Saraswat. Divya,a third year English student,prefers riding to her favourite katta late at night. “Sometimes it’s just for a chit-chat session while at other times we discuss possible questions. It helps us to relax and know which part of the syllabus is important,” she says with a smile.

Aryamaan Bisht,who is pursuing M A English Literature,says that he usually prefers reading books or playing video games to put exam stress on the backburner for a while. “It relaxes me and helps me focus better later,” says Aryamaan.