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Saturday, December 07, 2019

Empowered to Create

Dua said that each person has his own story which is their own unique perception.

Pune | Published: December 8, 2013 3:18:42 am

An expert of ontology — the study of your being — Sameer Dua knows what he is talking about when he opens a conversation about human behaviour. On Friday,Dua hosted a workshop by the Institute for Generative Leadership. It was the 12th workshop on “Creating a powerful world”. The institute will start a 10-week workshop from Monday.

Speaking about the innate nature of human beings,Dua shared,“We are linguistic beings; living in language. All of us,all the time.” Dua emphasised that language is generative and creative versus passive and descriptive. Speaking of the power of language,he said it is a tool that allows us “to create.” He illustrated with an example of a couple where the man just proposed to his girlfriend. “Will you marry me? These four words can change the entire world for the two people involved. We don’t just show up for the day. We create the day! And that,my friends,is true power,” he shared,adding,“In my communication,I am creating. Who you are is simply a matter of creation. You have the authority to create your life.”

He said that each person has his own story which is their own unique perception. Urging his audience to make the workshop a personal experience,he provided them with a platform to participate by sharing their own stories and experiences and asked them to narrate their story by distinguishing clearly between the event,the story and the emotion attached.

Dua left the audience with the empowering statement: “You have the choice to make your own stories. So,what’s your story?”

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