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Emotional Colour

Pune artist Komal Jain's art celebrates beautiful paradoxes: colour and formlessness

Pune artist Komal Jain’s art celebrates beautiful paradoxes: colour and formlessness

Twenty-two-year-old Komal Jain is an upcoming artist who has an unusual approach to her art. The abstract artist almost never starts with an idea in her head. She starts with an imagination as blank as the canvas in front of her,and lets colours direct her way. “I just close my eyes,and pick a colour. Apart from black and white,which are a constant in my works,the other main colours all come to me by instinct,” she says. The young artists is currently holding an exhibition of her abstract frames at the Art Hub in Grubshup restaurant on Law College road. ‘Ideas on Canvas’ feature colour-drenched ambient pieces made by Jain over the course of the last one year. She follows no particular theme and no rigid forms emerge from her works. But there is a warm quality about the works that is striking,with bold swathes of red and yellow dominating many a frame. “Painting has been a hobby since childhood. Now,I am trying to develop my own style,” she says.

In her abstract approach to art,Jain is assisted by the need to inspire emotions in viewers. “I believe all art should inspire some feelings amongst the people who look at it,” she says. The soft-spoken artist is not new to exhibitions,having hosted three previously in Latur and in Pune. But exhibiting at an unconventional venue like a restaurant is a first for her and she is digging into the experience. “A big student crowd comes to this place all the time. Even though there haven’t been too many buyers so far,people do come up and talk to me,which is great,” she says.

The current exhibition comprises works made in acrylic and oils,and are mostly landscapes. One striking portrait stands out. It’s the visage of a girl,with her skin a drab grey and her eyes blood red,with her arms twisted in a peculiarly helpless but intimidating fashion. “This exhibition has given me confidence to pursue my art further,” Jain affirms. She is currently undergoing private tutorship in art,and plans to be a freelance artist after that.

‘Ideas on Canvas’ is up at The Art Hub,Grubshup till today.