As Friday approaches,the city's lounges and discotheques await the throng of party revelers.

Knowing the difference between social drinking and impulsive craving for alcohol is critical

As Friday approaches,the city’s lounges and discotheques await the throng of party revelers. Music,dancing and indulging in alcohol rule the roost. The next day however,a long walk,some black coffee and a cold shower might not relieve the hangover. City doctors are of the opinion that it is time party-goers and frequent drinkers realise the harmful effects of alcohol and its over-consumption.

“Consumption of hard drinks depends on the capacity of a person. However,for any normal human body,the intake of alcohol should be limited to two large pegs. One needs to check the consumption when the warning bells start ringing within the body. When the human body yearns for alcohol,it is time to take an immediate check,” says Dr Prasad Honap,a consulting physician.

Dr K M Mannikar,general physician at the Sahyadri Hospital,Kothrud,explains the difference between social drinking and consumption of alcohol by choice. “Drinking to be socially involved is different from consuming alcohol for any random occasion. Social drinking is acceptable beyond duty hours but one should realise an addiction towards the hard drink when they look for excuses to consume it. It is all in the hands of an individual.”


Apart from being an addiction,over-consumption of alcohol is also treated as a personality disorder or a hereditary disease. “We should not consider alcoholics as criminals or miscreants of the society. They do it under certain impulse of the neurons. Many are victims of over-alcoholism because of its earlier prevalence in the family. Studies reveal that only five per cent of alcohol consumers can get rid of the habit completely,” explains Dr R K Seth,a general physician.

When asked about the better variety in hard drinks,Dr Honap says,“No alcoholic beverage is good for health. It is acceptable only when consumed within limit.” Honap has patients who frequently visit him to know the advantages of consuming certain hard drinks. “Recent research shows that the consumption of wine is good for heart. I would suggest a patient who prefers rum to switch to wine for its advantages. But I would not ask a teetotaler to start consuming wine to have a healthy heart,” he adds.