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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Dirty Pictures

Like a vigilant hawk,the Opposition party of any government hovers in anticipation for an errant politician to make a false move.

Written by FAHAD SAMAR | Published: February 10, 2012 1:04:03 am

Politics and pornography is a potent mix

Like a vigilant hawk,the Opposition party of any government hovers in anticipation for an errant politician to make a false move. Once the prey is exposed in the harsh public glare,they swoop down from their high moral pedestal to tear the hapless victim to shreds.

The Karnataka ministers,who were gainfully employed watching porn in Parliament,are the latest target of the moral police who have gone all holier than thou on these debauched netas.

A field day is now being had,flogging these profligate politicians and deriving maximum mileage from the fact that they are certainly morally,if not entirely,corrupt.

The Opposition all shook their heads in disgust — some shouted from the rooftops that these perverts need to be castrated and still others have gone to the extreme of demanding they not only resign but also commit suicide. Khud kushi to atone for their khud khushi.

Many years ago,before the advent of the internet,I used to produce a television show that covered different aspects of life in Mumbai.

A right-wing party then ruled Maharashtra and had gleefully assumed the mantle of being the guardian of public morality.

Their Minister of Culture was a particularly colourful character,whose job was to ensure that Indian traditions and values were staunchly upheld.

He boldly announced that he had turned Mumbai into a completely sanitised city,free of all vice.

In an effort to expose the futility of imposing moral policing in Mumbai,which was legend for being the most cosmopolitan and liberal city in India,my crew and I sent a 14-year-old boy onto the streets to buy a pornographic magazine.

The little fellow had no trouble in purchasing two hardcore publications that vividly depicted an array of sex acts.

We shot this entire transaction on camera and then went on to confront the sanctimonious minister with proof that despite all his claims,Mumbai still remained a free city where everything supposedly taboo was easily available.

The honourable minister sputtered and spewed and insisted we tell him where we shot this story so he could personally arrest this peddler of porn. I argued that was precisely the opposite intention of the point we hoped to make.

Once the cameras were switched off,the minister guffawed and proudly claimed to personally have the largest collection of dirty magazines in the city. “Pornography is a very healthy thing,” he explained to me,adding,“But it is strictly for the classes and not for the masses!”

The internet explosion has ensured that virtually every person,of every age and demographic,can now surf skin-flicks to his heart’s content. It’s only a matter of time before these three politicos,who have so nobly resigned,will soon be forgiven and rehabilitated by their peers who are truly incapable of casting the first stone.

Then,it will be back to business as usual.

Fahad Samar is a filmmaker,inveterate traveller and intrepid chronicler of society

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