Designer of destiny

It’s a bit difficult to imagine someone who aspired to be an architect,completed her studies in arts and interiors as a professional astrologer.

Written by Garima Mishra | Published: March 14, 2009 3:52:26 am

After playing soothsayer to a whole host of celebrities,tarot card reader Larra Shah has come out with her book Miracle Cards,to help people realise their destiny

It’s a bit difficult to imagine someone who aspired to be an architect,completed her studies in arts and interiors as a professional astrologer. But nationally-renowned tarot card reader,Larra Shah is just that. Mumbai-based Shah will be in the city on March 15 at Taj Blue Diamond at 6.30 pm for the launch of her book Miracle Cards.

Despite having a totally different educational background,Shah was destined to be dealing with different forms of astrology. When she was very young,she could foresee things happening,she says. Her family members,especially her granny noticed that she was gifted,as all her premonitions would come true. Even during her college days,she was a natural healer and problem solver for her mates. Shah says,“It was then that I realised that I wanted to make this natural gift of mine,a profession.” Thus she pursued various professional courses in astrology like Feng Shui Flying Stars with Master Joseph Yu,Canada,Four Pillars of Destiny and Geopathic Stress Healing,Correction of Earth Energy with Christine,US,to name a few. And now its been more than a decade that this holistic healer has been in this field.

Although known as a tarot card reader,Shah also uses other forms of therapies for counseling people,like color therapy,dream interpretations,crystal,music therapy and sun signs to name a few. Her client list includes some of the popular names like Hema Malini,Farah Khan,Zeenat Aman,Louis Banks,Rajat Bedi,Smita Thackeray and many more.

The idea of her book Miracle Cards was born in the year 2003. She says,“I used to feel terribly bad for the people who had different problems and who used to wait for hours for their turn at my office. Since I have a very strong connection with spirituality,during my trans-meditation,I asked the universe to guide me towards a way to help them,so that they don’t have to run to various soothsayers.” And thus her vision turned into thoughts and her thoughts resulted into 42 miracle cards,she says. These cards are like self help tools and can be used by anyone to find answers to their questions.

Unlike tarot cards,which can be read only by professionals,the miracle cards do not require one to do any course to be able to interpret them. The set of cards come with a guide book as well so that one can use these cards on a daily basis,to deal with their problems and questions. The deities,devas and devis in cosmic forms on the cards,along with the header and the footer makes it easy for a common man to interpret the meaning of the card and find direction in life. “Before launching these cards,I have taken more than fifty reviews of people from different strata of society. And it has worked for each one of them,” says Shah.

To relieve herself from stress,Shah believes in healing herself through gem and crystal therapy. She doesn’t work after sunset and makes it a point not to take her work home. For rejuvenation,she visits her beach house or ayurvedic healing centre with her family. “This helps me gather a lot of positive energy,” says Shah.

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