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‘Delhi victim gets justice but I wait even after 4 yrs’

It was a day of mixed emotions for Abhijit Pujari,husband of techie Nayana Pujari

It was a day of mixed emotions for Abhijit Pujari,husband of techie Nayana Pujari. Nayana was allegedly gangraped and murdered by a four men in 2009,an incident similar to December 2012 gangrape in Delhi. On Friday,after the Delhi gangrape accused were sentenced to death by a special court,Abhijit said he was unhappy with the way the case is being handled.

“Just because a certain case happened in Delhi,it is disposed within nine months. But those affected by a similar incident in Pune have to wait for justice for almost four years,how can this be justified?” he asked.

However,he welcomed the court’s sentence,which he believes would send a stern message to elements involved in such heinous crimes. “I welcome the court decision. We need such verdicts to reinstate the faith among masses that culprits of heinous crime get fitting punishments and that they cannot get away with seven-year jail or life sentences,” said Pujari.

But he said that the earnestness shown in Delhi case is nowhere to be seen in his wife’s case. “The two cases are almost identical: kidnapping,physical torture,rape,robbery,murder. Also,charges evoked are similar. But I am still waiting for justice for almost four years. The Maharashtra government is not serious about the case. I did not get the kind of response I was expecting both from the judiciary and the government. My wife went through the same trouble as the Delhi victim and I have the same trauma as that of the kin of the Delhi victim. Then why do I have to wait for so long?” he asked.He said that though the case was transferred to a special court,the trial hasn’t been expedited. “The S M Shinde court to which the case is transferred is already overburdened. There are over 1200 cases pending in the court. Our trial is progressing at snail’s pace with only one or two hearing happening per month. It would have been better had it remained in the earlier court of judge Anant Badar,” said Pujari. He said the only positive thing that happened in the case was that fleeing accused Yogesh Raut was caught by the police this year.