Delay in stipend leaves MTech students in lurch

Delay in stipend leaves MTech students in lurch

For the last two monthsMTech student of College of Engineering,Pune,has not been getting her monthly stipend of Rs 8,000.

For the last two months,Shweta,a second-year MTech student of College of Engineering,Pune,has not been getting her monthly stipend of Rs 8,000. Short of money,she has dropped her plan to go home for Navratri. Whatever money she had saved up was spent on paying the rent for the one room,which she shares with two other girls,and food.

Like Shweta many students had cleared Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering and are now pursuing their MTech course in various engineering colleges in the city are facing the same problem. “We get Rs 8,000 as stipend every month. This money is enough to pay for our accommodation,food and some other expenses. But we have not received money for August and September,” said Shweta who is from Solapur.

She said the college authorities have told the students that they have not got any money from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). “There are many students like me who are not from rich households. For the last two months,I have been taking money from my elder brother,” said Shweta.

Rishi,a second-year MTech student in CoEP,said earlier the college used to collect data. “But a few months ago,all of us were asked to open a bank account and upload our forms on the AICTE website. We did but we have not yet received our stipend for the past two months,” said Rishi. The first-year MTech students too have not received any stipend. CoEP Director Anil D Sahasrabudhe said,“Till last year,the college used to collect all the data and applications from the students and then send it to the AICTE. Even then AICTE used to delay payment. They used to transfer the entire amount for all students in one go to the college account. But since we knew there are students who will need it every month,we used to give it from our own pocket,” he said.


He said this year the AICTE has adopted the policy where in individual students had to upload their applications along with the bank account numbers. “The money will be sent to their accounts. Everything has been done and yet the money has not been credited,” he said.

The CoEP director said the college has been sending lettters to AICTE to release the amount to at least those colleges who have completed the procedure.

AICTE Chairman,S S Mantha,said,“The process of direct cash transfer is on. This is the first time that we are transferring the amount to students’ account. We are in process with National Informatics Centre to release the amount to students. By next month,the students will get their stipend.”