Deep & Silent

Deep & Silent

If peace and enlightenment go hand in hand,then this is the perfect place for self-discovery.

An amalgamation of natural beauty,purity and historical significance,Shivthar Ghal makes the visitors introvert

If peace and enlightenment go hand in hand,then this is the perfect place for self-discovery. Quiet,deep and close to nature- so much so that even Samarth Ramdas chose this place to write- Dasbodh. 90 kilometers from Pune on Pune- Mahad road,Shivthar Ghal,also known as- Sunder Math is located close to Varandha Ghat in Raigad district. A one-day-visit spot from Pune,Shivthar Ghal is an amalgamation of scenic beauty of the Sahyadris combined with a touch of purity and sacredness.

The presence of Samarth Ramdas can still be felt in these caves that are isolated from the rest of the world by thick forest. What adds to the beauty and the depth of the caves is the waterfall that continuously keeps pouring and thus breaking the profound silence of the forest.

Currently maintained by Shri Samartha Seva Mandal and Sundermath Seva Samiti,one can read extracts from Dasbodh,a manuscript that Samarth Ramdas narrated to his disciple Kalyan. It is said that it took almost 12 years for him to complete Dasbodh. In the Ghal- meaning cave,approximately 20 meter long and 15 meter broad,one can also see the area where Dasbodh was written. One of the parts of Shivthar Ghal has statues of Samarth Ramdas dictating Dasbodh to Kalyan. The descriptions of the picturesque landscapes in his own words are also displayed in the caves. A blend of all this also makes the atmosphere here a perfect one for meditation.


Abhijeet Mokashi,trekker who recently visited Shivthar Ghal says,”Shivthar Ghal has been our favourite biking spot. Not a hard-core trek,one can go to the cave with family as well and the spot is quite safe. The place is a one day tour and not really meant for an overnight stay.”

The best time to visit the place is winters! And if you are planning to go by bus,then you need to cross Bhatghar dam by taking a boat to reach Sangvi village. From Sangvi,Shivthar Ghal is at a walking distance.

Getting there
State transport buses from Pune to Mahad are available from Swargate bus stand. One can also go to Bhor and catch a Bhor-Mahad bus