Dance attack

When they decided to participate in UTV Bindass Street Dance,Insync was confident of making a mark.

Written by Prabhjot Sohal | Published: July 19, 2010 12:16:25 am

Amidst crunching numbers and solving chemical equations,IIT Bombay’s tech-freaks sway their way to become street dance champions

When they decided to participate in UTV Bindass Street Dance,Insync was confident of making a mark. But winning the competition came as a pleasant surprise. “We could not perform any stunts,whereas,our competitors Beat Buddhas,All in Break Dance Crew and Dance Anytime were very good at them. Our variety and street attitude ultimately became our strength,” says Saurabh Chanderiya,choreographer of the IIT Bombay dance club. But a clever mix of Locking-Popping,Bboying,Hand Tutting and Krumping to the thumping grooves of a remixed version of Ibn-e-Batuta,ensured the group would wow one and all.

The motley crew of 13 students has long been practising its rhythmic moves,little suspecting the national glory they would win on an unlikely platform. They’re now the latest celebrities on a campus full of achievers.

The group has now been awarded with a one-year scholarship to Shiamak Davar’s Institute of Performing Arts (SDIPA),where they will undergo professional dance training by dancers of international repute. “Insync has won many inter-college and university competitions,but this is our biggest achievement so far. It has made our club very popular. Everyone wants to be a part of it now,” says Chanderiya.

Insync was started in 2005,by a group of dance loving students who wanted a break from academia. “The idea was to provide a platform to everyone who had a passion for dance. Without distracting students from studies,it gave them a chance to explore their creative side,” says Ratan. The club has a dance practice hall,where members practice after their academic hours well into the night. Acknowledging the importance of winning the competition,dancer Sushant Ratan adds,“This year we are expecting even more people to join in. We have become famous.”

The group’s inexhaustible energy and impeccable style has generated a fan following that is evident by the deluge of their performance videos uploaded on YouTube—a site which they too often visit to source dance inspiration.

Member Aishwarya feels that shows like Street Dance have given dance-based careers a major pump. But,there is still scope for improvement. “I might open a dance school one day. But for now I am happy dancing for pleasure. The training at SDIPA will be very beneficial to us and might even affect our choice of profession in future,” she says.

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