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Dam levels double,water cut still not out

The water in the reservoirs of the Pune division is double of what it was last year,at this time.

The water in the reservoirs of the Pune division is double of what it was last year,at this time. In the Khadakwasla irrigation division alone,as on July 27,the storage in the four dams had touched 17.63 TMC. Last year,it was only 8.86 TMC. The dam levels of Khadakwasla,Panshet,Varasgaon and Temghar in Mutha basin have achieved 62 per cent of the water storage capacity. Last year,it was only 32 per cent.

Last year,there was little rainfall for nearly 20 days in July,which has led to a strict imposition of 20 per cent water cut for the city.

This year,although the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has been getting adequate water from the Irrigation Department,a senior PMC official said they were supplying a little more than 85 per cent of the water required for the city every day. The water cut has not been officially withdrawn because the Irrigation Department cannot guarantee sustained water supply through the canals till the dams are full.

Across the Pune division,which includes dams in Pune district and part of Ahmednagar district,the total storage was 110.13 TMC (around 49 per cent). Last year,it was only 49.76 TMC (around 21 per cent of the total storage capacity).


“As of now,we are supplying sufficient water through the irrigation canal. But we cannot be completely satisfied till the dam levels reach 100 per cent. We have to stock sufficient water for the entire year,” said Avinash Surve,superintending engineer,Khadakwasla irrigation division.

After October,33 per cent of the storage available in the dams is reserved for drinking water purposes — that works out to around 9 TMC. This is in addition to the 3 TMC water required for drinking water purposes during the three months of the monsoon season.

“Out of the present storage,we can earmark only 6 TMC of reservoir storage for the city,which is only 50 per cent,” said Surve.

At present,Panshet has 6.6 TMC of water,while Varasgaon has 6.95 TM water; Temghar is 2.11 TMC while Khadakwasla is 1.97 TMC.

While the Bhima and Nira basin has a respectable storage,the same cannot be said of the Kukdi basin,where some dams like Manikdoh,Yedaon,and Ghod have very low storage. Najre dam has 22 per cent storage,Manikdoh has 16 per cent,Yedgaon has 32 per cent while Ghod has 6.11 per cent. However,Wadaj has 50 per cent and Dimbe has 42 per cent.

The Irrigation Department is releasing water from the irrigation canal at the rate of 1104 cusecs. The PMC is drawing water at the rate of 300 cusecs. “The rest of water is being supplied to Minor Irrigation Tanks in neighbouring talukas. Because of the additional water supply through the Khadakwasla irrigation canal,we have supplied water to 11 MI tanks in Daund,Indapur and Baramati talukas,” said a senior irrigation officer.

Meanwhile,with the rainfall decreasing in the catchment areas of the Khadakwasla irrigation division,the water released from the spillway gates of the dam has also been proportionately reduced.