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Monday, July 23, 2018

Cupcake of Life

Cupcakes are adorable to look at and taste great —but they are not the only reasons behind their popularity.

Written by Akanksha Ramgopal | Published: April 28, 2012 2:22:18 am

Cupcakes are adorable to look at and taste great —but they are not the only reasons behind their popularity.

The tiny swirls of colourful icing will make anyone what to admire the cupcake,as well as of course,dig into. “It’s like a little cake made just for you,” says Soumya Iyer,a 19-year-old student of architecture. “Everytime I walk into a place that sells cupcakes,I feel like a child let loose in a candy store! They are so beautiful that I want them all.” XOXO Deserts on Bund Garden road is one such place. “We have the Red Velvet Cupcake with a cream cheese topping,which is the most popular; also,the Banana Walnut Cupcake and many more,” says Rakshinda Ansari,owner.

The best part about cupcakes is that it offers huge scope for creativity,be it in the kind of fillings or in the exquisite art work that is on them. Like recently,Kremes and Krusts in Wanowrie had an Angry Birds cupcake theme. Imagine the pure joy of having your favourite bright coloured vengeful birds as topping. Priti Raja,director of Kremes and Krusts,says,”We get a lot of orders for theme parties,and cupcakes are in huge demand as we decorate the cupcakes and cookies based on the themes. This is a big hit when it comes to children’s birthday parties.”

Cupcakes were invented around the 1900s and gained recognition by the 1950s,but have never been more famous than they are now. With packed bakeries across the world,TV shows devoted exclusively to cupcake baking like the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars,and best-selling books,example Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes ,a whole new meaning has been acquired by the phrase,’selling like hot cakes’. Such a craze can’t be credited solely to great taste though. “It’s a perfect blend of ingenuity and taste. Every time you look at a cupcake,you can’t help but smile,they are just so cute!” says Virginia D’souza,a home-maker.

The best part is that it isn’t just bakeries or patisseries that are creating these delightful treats,people are making cupcakes at home and marketing them too. Sisters Rukmini and Gauri Pillai started selling cupcakes recently,and to them,this is more than just business. “In the beginning,making cupcakes was simply something we used to do together with our mom. Lives just get so hectic nowadays; I’m a lawyer and my sister is pursuing her third year of law as well. So this sort of became a bonding activity,” says Gauri. Once they started churning out great cupcakes,their friends began pestering them to start marketing their creations under the name Cupcake Mania. “Cupcake Mania is doing quite well,people of all ages seem to love our cupcakes,” says Gauri.

Cup of love

What makes a cupcake special is the icing and the decoration. So to make your own cupcake,all you need to do is bake with a regular cake batter,which is made of flour,sugar,baking powder,salt,milk,vanilla essence and eggs. Make sure the batter is thicker than what you would use for a normal cake,which means you have to beat it more. Then,use a spoon to put the batter into paper liners or cupcake moulds. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes,then let the cupcake cool completely. Once that is done,frost it with your favourite frosting recipe or decorate as you desire. You can do so with fruits,coloured icing,syrup,absolutely anything you feel like. So get creative!

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