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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Connect the Dots

There are over 350 colleges in the state for engineering studies that offer over 70 courses specialising in specific fields of engineering.

Written by Rohan Swamy | Published: May 21, 2013 2:42:16 am

A new website helps engineering aspirants select colleges that best suit their academic pursuits

There are over 350 colleges in the state for engineering studies that offer over 70 courses specialising in specific fields of engineering. It’s no wonder then that students are staggered by the enormity of the choice while picking the right college for themselves.

In February last year,engineering graduates Sushil Mundada and Abhishek Ballabh,hit upon an idea to rescue the students from their quandary. They have now developed a website to help engineering aspirants secure a good college by giving a cut-off analysis as well as a college branch predictor,which serves as a guide to where they can apply,depending on their marks. The students can also avail online and offline education counseling for securing their seat in the college of their choice.

Mundada,29,says the idea was born out of his own experiences when he was scouting for a college to study almost a decade back. “There is so much information out there — from what courses need to be selected to the college that they want to go to,as well as the marks required to get into the college of their choice. All these referenced and cross-referenced with the ranking of the college,the place where it is located,as well as the prospects of a campus placement four years later is a lot of information for any student or aspiring engineer to collate,” he says. “We began working on the colleges in the state to help the students and launched the website this year in April,” he says. The two worked for over a year before coming up with the website –

Mundada says the information on the website helps in not just breaking barriers regarding choices for students but also gives them a wider scope to meet their end goals. But that is not where they have stopped. In addition to helping students secure admission to colleges,they are going a step further by helping them secure internships,college project assignments and even share information about campus placements,open recruitment and further studies. “All the online services are free of charge for the students and can be accessed by everyone. Moreover we have a discussion board where these topics can be taken up with other students and even professors. There can be posts about jobs as well as new trends in the industry too,” he says.

The entire concept of the cut-off predictor and the branch locator is based on an algorithm which makes use of the results of the previous year. For instance it allows the students to accurately predict cut-offs for a particular college using the results from the cut-off the previous year. Mundada says they will be teaming up with colleges so that professors can upload assignments and courses on the site. “Currently the Bhartiya Vidyapeeth University has signed on with us. Once the academic season starts we will be visiting all colleges in the city to rope them in,” he says. While there are no further plans on the anvil regarding developing applications for smart phones and mobile platforms,the duo mentions that they will be taking a serious look at it after the website has picked on among students,colleges and faculty members.

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