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Monday, July 16, 2018

Close Crawl

This bus stop is different from the ones around.

Written by Anjali Jhangiani KP | Published: May 18, 2013 3:33:38 am

Pune to host its first bar crawl,a popular party trend in the US,UK and Australia

This bus stop is different from the ones around. There is no worry about getting back home early,no waiting in queues and no rush to find a seat. The bus that arrives here on Saturday will take a group of people on the most fun ride of their lives. It is a party bus and its stops are the popular bars in the city. Starting from Toons at MG Road,the bus will visit Hidden Place,Swig Bar and Eatery,High Spirits and One Lounge,all along the North Main Road stretch of Koregaon Park.

While the bus travels from bar to bar,there will be a variety of games organised by the “conductor” to break the ice among passengers and get them to know each other. This will be the city’s first ever bar crawl.

“I attended a bar crawl in Amsterdam and Barcelona last year while on a vacation. I loved the experience as I got to meet new people and there was the safety factor of being in a group while visiting many new places in one night,” says Disha Mehta,who collaborated with Khodu Irani,owner of High Spirits,to organise the event.

The bar crawl is a popular party trend in the UK,US and Australia,where people meet at a venue and travel to different bars and pubs in between drinking sessions,or while drinking along the way. “Every city I have visited in the course of my travels boasts several bar crawls. Hence we wanted Pune,with its vibrant nightlife,to have one as well. It has been Irani’s wish to initiate bar crawl here for a while now,and finally it has materialised,” adds Mehta.

The pick up and final drop destination will be near the Toons bar at MG Road. The crawl starts at 6 pm and will go on till 12.30 am. The bus can seat 30-32 passengers. The management has also taken care to avoid any unwanted trouble. There will be a supervisor on board at all times. The passengers will also be given freebies such as special Tour-de-funk T-shirts along the way.

“We are hoping this bar crawl goes well and people come back for more next Saturday. We are looking at making it a regular feature in the city but it depends on feedback after the first event,” says Mehta.

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