City doctors heave a sigh of relief as Anna Hazare ends fast

City doctors heave a sigh of relief as Anna Hazare ends fast

Doctors said they would have had to put him on IV saline fluids had he continued the fast.

With anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare ending his indefinite fast on Wednesday,doctors from Sassoon General Hospital,Civil Hospital,Ahmednagar and Nobel Hospital in Hadapsar have heaved a sigh of relief.

“Had he continued the fast today,doctors would have had to put him on IV saline fluids,” said Dr D B Kadam,Head,Department of Medicine,B J Medical College and Sassoon.

Dr Ajay Chandanwale,Dean,B J Medical College and Sassoon,said a special makeshift Intensive Care Unit had been set up at a room near the venue where Hazare was sitting on his fast. The room was equipped with a defibrillator,ventilator and cardiac monitor. A cardiac ambulance from Sassoon had been kept on standby,

he added.

Apart from these facilities,special arrangements had been made at Sassoon,Manikbai Dhariwal Hospital in Shirur and Ruby Hall Clinic in case his health deteriorated during the course of his fast.


Explaining how body reacts during such fasts,Kadam said that in the first two days a person utilises glucose stored in the liver. After that is depleted,the body uses fats for energy production. However,as the ketones increase in the body it can lead to rise in acidity in blood and therefore affect cardiac function,he added.

“Anna was monitored every day for various parameters such as blood pressure,weight,blood sugar and urine output. While he consumed four liters of water every day,on day three of the fast there were ketones in his urine. An ECG was conducted every day and on Wednesday we found an increase in creatine phosphokinase. We would have to put him on IV saline had he continued the fast on Thursday,” said Kadam.