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The food supplies department has announced 10 kg wheat and 5 kg rice for above poverty line card holders.

Published: October 18, 2013 2:20:58 am

Food supply allocation for Oct-Nov announced

Ahead of Diwali,the food supplies department has announced the allocation for October-November. It announced 10 kg wheat and 5 kg rice for above poverty line card holders. The department has priced the wheat at Rs 7.20 and rice at Rs 9.60 respectively. While for holders who take kerosene on the ration cards,the department has announced three litres per person and a maximum of 24 litres for each card and those with one gas cylinder,four litres kerosene per card. For those below poverty line,20 kg wheat and 15 kg rice has been allotted for Rs 6 kg.

Permission for firecracker stalls from October 21

Pune: Khed sub-divisional magistrate said permissions for setting up firecracker stalls in Khed taluka will commence from October 21. All necessary documents have to be submitted to officials at the Rajgurunagar office. The application will require a Rs 10 court fee stamp,the area details for sale of firecrackers,gram panchayat permissions,7 by 12 extracts of the area and police permissions.

Committee for senior citizens constituted

PUNE: After committees were set up for senior citizens at the police station level,a central committee was established at the Pune Police commissionerate level on Thursday. The central committee comprises representatives from the lower level committees and also senior police officers from various branches. A meeting of the committee was held on Thursday,which was attended by over 100 senior citizens. The committee is supposed to meet every two months,a press release issues by the Joint Commissioner of Police Sanjivkumar Singhal stated.

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