City anchor: Pune techie’s maiden film releases with parents in the dark

City anchor: Pune techie’s maiden film releases with parents in the dark

The reaction from his girlfriend was not too pleasant. She left him.

Acting,he says,is easier than cracking programming codes. Had it been any other role in the film,techie Sachin Bidwai would have shared the news first with his parents. As his debut film Tendlya Nighala Oscarla releases Friday,he is unsure how his parents,still unaware he has signed a film,will react.

The reaction from his girlfriend was not too pleasant. She left him.

Bidwai plays the role of Zampya,who is a straight man with some feminine traits. “Although I play a strong and prominent role,I don’t know how my parents at my hometown Nashik will take it,” says 26-year-old Bidwai,a software engineer at a reputed IT company in Hinjewadi.

To make his role convincing,the techie visited Budhwar Peth for a week where eunuchs are found. He says it was a hard task convincing them to study them but they finally understood how important the role was for him.


“For a week,I visited the area regularly. Gradually,I built a rapport with them and spent hours with them,closely watching their mannerisms. They might be loud and may talk animatedly but are very emotional by nature,” says Bidwai.

Leading lady Radha is played by Disha Pardeshi,paired opposite lead actor Vinod Rewale. Because of his feminine qualities,Radha feels comfortable with Zampya and treats him as her best friend.

When Shashi Doiphode,the director of the film,was looking for an actor to play Zampya,he was clear he needed someone like Ganpat Patil,renowned Marathi film and theatre actor who was nicknamed ‘nachya’ because of his role of a tamasha artiste in numerous films. “Zampya’s role is very important and it is he who carries the film on his shoulders. Sachin (Bidwai) portrayed the role far better than my expectations,” says Doiphode.

It was in December last year that Bidwai learnt about online auditions of the film. He just took a chance and mailed his pictures. This was followed by multiple auditions. After four rounds,he was told by producers Archana and Ashwin Tendulkar he had been shortlisted. “Initially,I was not sure whether I should accept it or not. However,since the role was challenging,I accepted it. I strongly believe art has no gender,” says Bidwai,who attended school in Nashik and completed a computer engineering course from the University of Pune.

Unfortunately,his girlfriend broke up with him when he revealed his role in the film to her. Tendlya Nighala Oscarla was shot in February in just 20 days at Arnala village in Virar. Getting leave sanctioned wasn’t tough,he says.

“There is a term called ‘core leave’ in the IT industry,which allows you to take long leave at a stretch,” says the engineer-cum-actor,adding that his company officials are aware of his role in the film. With five years in the IT sector,Bidwai has no concrete or immediate plans to leave his career to join the film industry.

“It all depends on the response and the kind of work I get after the release of the film. If at all I make a career in films,I would spend a part of my earnings to do something for eunuchs,” he concludes.