City Anchor: Huge response from Sachin’s fans to BCCI Twitter campaign

City Anchor: Huge response from Sachin’s fans to BCCI Twitter campaign

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There has been a huge response in Pune to the BCCI campaign on Twitter that facilitates fans of Sachin Tendulkar to download his photograph with a personalised message and signature.

“I posted my tweet and within seconds got a classic photograph of Sachin during his early days of batting career. It was a great feeling to receive an autograph of the God of Cricket with a personal touch in such an easy manner,” said Suhas Phadnis,a cricket enthusiast.

Nakul Patel,another cricket lover,also welcomed the move. “There are millions of fans who could never meet Sachin personally. The ongoing campaign is a boon for them. The BCCI deserves a lot of appreciation for coming out with such an innovative campaign. It is a great gesture towards the cricketing legend and his fans,” he said.

Aboli Naravane said she created a Twitter handle only to get Tendulkar’s photograph with signature. “The competitive examination I am preparing for is round the corner and yet I am going to Mumbai to see Sachin batting in his last test. I may not be able to take his autograph there,but I am satisfied that BCCI campaign has already ensured me the same,” she said.


Launched on November 6 by BCCI during the ongoing test series between India and the West Indies,all that Sachin fans need to do is send an appreciative message for the cricketing legend to the BCCI handle with the #ThankYouSachin hashtag to take benefit of the online campaign. The fans instantaneously receive a Tweet from @BCCI with a momentous picture of Sachin,including a personalised message and signature.

“Integration with Twitter and Digigraph offers fans from across the world a rare opportunity to receive a personalised picture of Sachin Tendulkar. The BCCI Monday announced a new integration with Twitter,one which allows fans worldwide to connect and say thank you to Sachin,like never before,” Board Secretary Sanjay Patel had said.

Prasad Washikar,whose photograph of Sachin received through Twitter campaign has the personalised message ‘Prasad,thanks for all your support,love and prayers. It helped me’ with Tendulkar’s signature below,said he was on cloud nine. “I feel all my sentiments towards Sachin reflected in the message I received. The photograph was also too good. I felt I could directly relate with Sachin on his retirement,” he said.