Choosing Right

Choosing Right

Swami Parthasarathy will speak on developing intellectual capabilities at a workshop for corporate giants in the city next week

If Swami Parthasarathy has earned a sobriquet of being a corporate guru it may have been an inadvertent add-on to his numerous credentials,but is certainly not one without adequate reason. For while the 86-year-old founder of the Vedanta Academy in Lonavla dispenses wisdom and advice on how to live one’s life to the optimum,based on true use of the intellect,these are lessons that seem to assume a life of their own as they work to garner unexpected results for the practitioners in their work life too. It’s what the business community around the world has experienced in his workshops,which he took to conducting at various forums like the Young Presidents Organisation and Global Leadership Summit over the years along with a highly-acclaimed one this year at the Dorchester in London. And now he is getting ready to share the same with the corporate giants in Pune at a workshop next week.

Irreverent and one not given to mincing his words,the guru has for long lamented the downfall of the human intellect and identified it as one of the key reasons for the stress in modern day life. It’s the same at the work place he says. “Any business needs three constituents to succeed – concentration,consistency and cooperation. Concentration depends on two things – the mind and intellect. Mind is what makes you swing between the past and the future resulting in worry and anxiety. Intellect is what keeps you rooted to here and now. You need to make sure you make your intellect strong enough to overrule the mind. Once intellect holds the mind,concentration is child’s play,” says Parathasarathy.

Moving on to the importance of consistency of purpose,he exemplifies the nature of wind,water and light that do not deviate from their purpose in the world. “And finally cooperation is mandatory because we are all spokes in the wheel of life and need to work with each other to keep the wheel moving,” he says.

The key word binding all these three,he further explains,is intellect. “Human beings are the only species to be blessed with this quality. Hone it and watch the stress disappear. Analyse everything,question everything. Only animals are doomed to lead their lives the way they fixed — they do not have a choice. Humans do. All I teach thus is to develop the intellectual capabilities to make the right choices,” says the man,who claims to have all the answers.

Swami Parthasarathy will be holding his workshop on Governing Business and Relationships in Pune on November 26 at The Westin

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