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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Check mosquito breeding,now

Citizens may have to pay Rs 1000 as penalty: Civic body draft plan.

Written by Ajay Khape | Published: April 11, 2013 3:18:28 am

To control diseases spread by mosquitoes,Pune Municipal Corporation has come up with draft rules that propose criminal proceedings against citizens who fail to check mosquito breeding in the city.

Civic officials said there has been an increase in cases of dengue,chikungunya and malaria in the past few years. Their breeding takes place in water tanks at construction sites,potholes,open septic tanks,water tanks without lids on open terraces,unused wells,non-operational decorative fountains,other water bodies like nullahs,swimming pool,storm water drainage and uncovered utensils used for water storage.

“To check breeding of mosquitoes in the city,PMC has decided to frame rules that are to be followed by citizens. In case of violation of such rules,individuals or organisations,whoever be the owner of the area where breeding of mosquitoes takes place,would be have to pay a fine of Rs 1,000 and a further Rs 100 a day if no corrective steps are taken. The civic administration would further initiate criminal proceedings against them,” Municipal Commissioner Mahesh Pathak said.

According to the proposal,individuals or organisations should ensure that water stored or left behind on their premises does not create condition for mosquitoes to breed. “PMC may also issue stop work order to ongoing constructions,if mosquito breeding sites are located. This will continue till proper measures are taken,” it added.

If the civic administration locates spots of mosquito breeding on private property,then the owner would be served a notice to initiate steps to tackle the situation,the proposal stated,adding that the civic administration would itself initiate action like “physical and biological measures” for tackling the situation after citizens fail in their duties. “The expenditure would be incurred by the owner of the land.”

If the civic staff is opposed or hindered in any way while initiating the measures on private properties,the civic administration would take action against the owner as well,the proposal read.

Citizens are further directed not to leave materials like utensils or any such object in a way that could help in mosquito breeding,the proposal also stated.

Storm water drainage system,water supply system,gardens,swimming pools and other facilities on the premises of the building have to be maintained in a manner that deters breeding of mosquitoes,it said.

Speaking on the issue,newly elected chairperson of Women and Child Welfare Committee Vaishali Marathe said the committee discussed the proposal at its meeting,but was opposed to criminal proceedings,though not to penalising citizens found guilty of negligence. “The penalty on citizens can be understood,but allowing criminal proceedings would be too much. We would again take it up for discussion before taking any decision,” she said.

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