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Monday, July 23, 2018

Calls were made from jail to gang members: Cops

‘Goon made 200 calls from a cell’; no charging point, still phones work; jail staff under scanner.

Written by Sushant Kulkarni | Pune | Updated: May 27, 2014 3:18:33 am
Cellphones have been found on the jail premises three times since September 2013. Cellphones have been found on the jail premises three times since September 2013.

Investigation into the two incidents of cellphones being recovered from the Yerawada Central Jail has revealed that the phones were used to make calls from inside the jail to members of criminal gangs and also to their families. Police said the entry of cellphones and its use were not possible without the involvement of jail staffers.

In September 2013, a cellphone was recovered from the backyard of Circle Number 3 inside the jail. In the first week of this month, a cellphone was recovered from the premises of high-security Anda Cell. On Saturday, a cellphone was recovered near a drainage line in the vicinity of Security Cell 2. The police have probed the first two cases, while that in the third is under way.

A senior police officer said: “Our probe in the first case of this month has already revealed that the phone was with members of criminal gangs. Further investigation brought to light that calls were made to other gang members and also to the family members of gangsters who are in the jail. We have got records of calls having been made to members of Nilesh Ghaywal and Sandeep Mohol gangs.”

The probe in the September case had revealed that the phone was used by notorious criminal Deepak Sapke and over 200 calls were made from it. The officer said: “It is clear from both these examples that the gangsters lodged inside the jail are using cellphones. Yerawada jail had a jammer in the past, but right now there is none and that is why phones are used brazenly. There is another question that is never asked. How are these phones charged? There are no charging points inside the jail. This means use of cellphones inside the jail is not possible without help from jail staffers. The jail department has set up inquiries in these cases, but conclusive reports have never come.”

Another police officer added: “The presence of cellphones also suggests security lapse, as does recovery of cash and marijuana at the entry gate.”

Jail Superintendent Yogesh Desai said: “We will be installing jammers in the jail within eight to 10 days. The process has already started.” When asked about the probe into Saturday’s incident, a Yerawada police official said: “The calls that were made from the handset are being verified with help of its IMIE (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.”

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