Breakfast Date

Breakfast Date

The all-day breakfast menu,earlier restricted to one or two odd restaurants in the city,has now found new takers.

Walk into the warm outdoor sitting area of Terttulia,Koregaon Park,and you see laptops propped up on the tables. Groups of two or more are immersed in talking work,others in friendly conversations. The aroma of pancakes wafts through the air. Honey,maple syrup and chocolate sauce stand by – ready to immerse the thin pancake in their flavours. On another table,a deep bowl of fresh porridge sits beside a plate of Eggs Benedict,Eggs Florentine or a thick Spanish Omelette with bacon strips on the side. It’s 3 pm and breakfast is served.

Terttulia is one of the few eateries in the city that has an all-day breakfast menu. The concept is not entirely new – Prem’s at North Main Road has given a choice of brekky meals to its customers for years now. Vaishali at Deccan has been serving crispy dosas,steaming idlis and the much-loved filter coffee all day,everyday. But places like Terttulia,Dario’s,Yolkshire have picked up on this concept and pushed it to popularity in the last two years. Typical English and American breakfast meals,stuffed pancakes,buttered waffles,fresh juices,green and black tea – you name it and you’ll get it. “Everyone knows the saying – eat breakfast like a king. Perhaps this is why people are interested in having a more substantial meal to set them up for a busy day or hours ahead,” says Dario of the Italian restaurant Dario’s nestled in Lane 1,Koregaon Park. Whether early morning,late afternoon or breezy evenings,you find people sitting out in the garden area by themselves or with friends/colleagues,enjoying the birdsong,and digging into croissants,waffles,stuffed pancakes,cereal,fresh fruits,sandwiches and so on. The meals carry a home-made tag. They’re fresh,wholesome,healthy and available till 6.30 pm.

There’s a general rise in health awareness,observes Jaideep Sippy,founder and CEO,Missisippy. His brand of food products are described as healthy and happy. “People are waking up to the importance of breakfast. An all-day breakfast is a classic option. It’s a safe bet,” he adds. His brand’s whole grain,high fibre snack,currently in the form of muesli,is available at kiosks at corporate campuses in the city. Soon,he says,5-7 more products will be launched along with 30 kiosks across the country.

“Corporates looking for a quick bite or expats who want a taste of their own culture – they all come in for breakfast. From burgers to sausages,baked beans and porridges – the choice is theirs,” says Sandy Singh of Prem’s. There can be no rules for food,says advertising professional Atul Bhansali. “We’re based in Kothrud and for the last six months,we have been visiting Yolkshire. Twice,we’ve even had our Monday meetings there and ordered for breakfast at lunch-time,” he says. Their order invariably has scrambled eggs on toast,vegetarian or sausage stuffed omelettes. Rahul Datye,one of the partners of this egg-specialty restaurant,says,“We do have egg meals like Thai curry omelette and so on,but we get a lot of takers for the breakfast dishes,be it lunch or evening snack time.” The day begins at 7.30 am and you can order baked beans,eggs of your preference right till 11 pm.

This new trend is bolstered by the hospitality industry’s mantra of catering to individual choices as far as possible. “We have so many guests coming in at odd hours. Breakfast is a matter of habit. The Swiss might ask for muesli and yoghurt; the French for croissants and coffee; the English for bacon and sausages and the Americans for cereal and juices. Even Indians might ask for dosa and parathas at night – which isn’t odd,” says Chef Chandra Shekhar Pandey,executive chef,Courtyard by Marriott City Centre. So,pick up the menu,order breakfast for dinner,if you please,and your whims will be catered to.