Bound by Religion

<i>After more than three years,director Satish Manwar is back with his second project,Tuhya Dharma Koncha</i>

Written by Prajakta Hebbar | Published: February 28, 2013 2:39:32 am

For director Satish Manwar,it has always been the love of his craft that drove him to try new things. After the success of his first directorial venture Gabhricha Paus,Manwar decided to follow his instincts and work with more rooted and real stories. “I have always maintained that the more ‘real’ a story is,the more fruitful the effort will be,” he says.

In the city to promote his latest Marathi film Tuhya Dharma Koncha,Manwar says,“In this film,we have tried to showcase the lives of the tribal community in today’s world. It is an effort to bring out issues such as health and social rights,faced by the tribal community,and voice the implications of our socio-political,communal and commercial powers that invade into their simple lifestyles,which is completely dependent on nature.”

Tuhya Dharma Koncha is the first ever Marathi film to receive the prestigious Hubert Bals Fund grant of the Rotterdam International Film Festival for script development.

With noted actors such as Upendra Limaye and Vibhawari Dehspande in lead roles,Manwar is positive that the film will put forth the issues faced by the community in a sensitive and intelligent manner. The title of the film is in the Ahirani language,which literally translates as: “what is your religion?” The film revolves around a tribal family caught between various social and religious groups claiming their land and their livelihood. It also portrays faith and the conditions of a tribal family on the backdrop of religious conversions.

Limaye,who plays the central character of a tribal man named Kavadu,says that it was a challenging role for him since a most of the dialogues in the film are in Ahirani,a tribal dialect of Marathi. “We had a language coach on and off the sets. Since I have acted in a Konkani film,as well as in a south-Indian film,I am used to retaining and delivering a short dialogue. But I am lucky that neither mine or Vibhawari’s characters has a long monologue in the film.”

Shot in 30 days,over a period of three months,the film has been shot mostly near Nandurbar in Maharashtra and Ahwa in Gujarat. Manwar has not only directed the film,but also worked on its story,screenplay and dialogues. Shrirang Godbole of Indian Magic Eye Motion Pictures,the producers of the film,says,“Satish has done justice to this intense topic. With a film like Gabhricha Paus under his belt,Satish has proved his mettle as a director of substance yet again.”

The film has four songs written by Dasu Vaidya and Ahirani poet,Sakharam Patil. The music has been composed by Datta Prasad Ranade,who also gave the music for Gabhricha Paus,and draws a lot from the traditional tribal music. The costumes have been designed by Geeta Godbole,with editing by Suchitra Sate,cinematography by Parikshit Warrier and sound by Dhananjay Sathe. The film has been jointly produced by Indian Magic Eye Motion Pictures and Sprint Art Creations and is due for release on March 15.

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