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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Blue-Eyed Bruce Lee

When he was four,a skinny Glen Levy,would peep through the keyhole of his room to watch a film playing on the television in the living room.

Written by Anjali Jhangiani KP | Published: May 21, 2013 2:35:11 am

Stunt choreographer Glen Levy,the man behind The Amazing Spider-Man,talks about his fascination with martial arts and teaching self-protection techniques to girls in India

When he was four,a skinny Glen Levy,would peep through the keyhole of his room to watch a film playing on the television in the living room. His mother didn’t want him to watch television because she thought it was violent,but he was fascinated with the action sequences in films. “While I peeped at the TV,I saw this little man fighting with a group. It was Bruce Lee and I wanted to be like him,” recalls Levy.

Once Levy turned five,he started training for martial arts and soon invented his own style — a blend of martial arts. The 34-year-old has since cemented his name in Hollywood as one of the most successful stunt choreographers with projects such as,The Amazing Spider-Man and Spartacus,the television series,to his credit. Recently visiting Malavali,a small village between Pune and Mumbai,he taught young boys and girls his style of self-protection and martial arts at a workshop.

Levy is in India because of his concern for the safety of women. “I want to teach young girls the art of self protection. I will also be counselling them on how to react to situations when they feel they are being attacked. I am also here as an example,for these children to see that if they believe in their dreams and work towards it,they can be anything they want. I told them my story. I grew up in a poor family,milked cows and worked in a farm,but I had a dream and achieved it with hard work,” says Levy.

But he is on a double mission. Along with sharing hard core self protection techniques,he will be talking to Bollywood stuntmen,action heroes and cameramen to enhance action sequences with a few Hollywood tricks.

Levy,who is also a film producer,says he saw Ek Tha Tiger and realised that the current quality of stunts in Bollywood is really good. “I want to watch Rowdy Rathore for its action sequences. There are minute things,like camera movements and techniques that will help improve shooting fight sequences. I am travelling to Mumbai to meet with industry professionals and teach them these tricks,” adds Levy,who has also been in the Power Rangers series as red ranger and black ranger in various series including Mystic Force,Overdrive,Dino Thunder and Ninja Storm among others. He admits he is a big fan of the super hero characters.

Levy is keen to venture into Bollywood too,but refuses to give out any information about the contracts he will be signing. For now,he reveals he is busy making arrangements to shoot the second series of Auckland Daze,a television serial that is a spoof of various reality shows. “We have signed on celebrities from Australia,America and New Zealand who are playing bad versions of themselves. The second series is in production and I am planning a third,” he says.

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