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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Blissfully inexpensive

Inexpensive dates are a stark reminder of Archie Andrews asking for separate cheques at the end of the meal with Veronica Lodge screaming ‘El Cheapo’ at him! But coming down to the real world...

Written by Rohan Swamy | Published: July 28, 2009 5:14:02 am

From taking a simple walk in the park to stargazing late at night,youngsters smitten by love are finding new ways to beat the money crunch

Inexpensive dates are a stark reminder of Archie Andrews asking for separate cheques at the end of the meal with Veronica Lodge screaming ‘El Cheapo’ at him! But coming down to the real world,where money is an issue (and also scarce) for youngsters,spending quality time with that special someone doesn’t always have to cost heaven and earth. In fact,in some cases,with a little bit of ingenuity and imagination,it can cost virtually nothing.

Aniruddha B,an MBA graduate says,“When you are young and living on a limited budget,it’s just not possible to go to snazzy places for lunch and dinner every time. Luckily for me and my girlfriend Tanvi,it’s more about spending time together rather than where we get to spend it. When we are living on a shoestring budget,we usually go for long strolls in parks and probably get a couple of sandwiches or wada pav,which barely costs Rs 10. That,by far,is the cheapest date we have had.”

If cost cutting is one way to do it,imagination is another answer,as Aditi Sahani,a third year commerce student says,“Both me and my boyfriend Nikhil are adventure freaks. So,whenever we are low on cash,we decide to pull out our bikes and go cycling. Since buying snacks can also be expensive,we usually get some homemade stuff. I know most people might not approve of the idea,but we think it’s more fun to be a little imaginative than spend money at expensive restaurants.”

As far as inexpensive dating goes,the possibilities are endless. Right from being together and doing nothing to attending film festivals,there is a long list of things one can choose to do. In the case of Siddharth Bhatia,a mechanical engineering student and his girlfriend Deepali Mehra,film festivals and window-shopping rule the roost. Siddharth says,“We are huge movie buffs,so if there is a film festival going on at FTII or NFAI which is open for all,we make it a point to go there. Since they usually have free entry,we don’t spend much. Or if that is not possible,then we end up doing window shopping,since Deepali is a huge shopoholic.”

“Sometimes,maybe the best things in life do come free; or atleast,they do come pretty cheap. If it’s a sunny day,my girlfriend and I end up having ice candies from hawkers; monsoons mean a hot cuppa from a roadside stall and winters would mean making a meal at home and having it on the balcony at my place. As far as our dating practices go,they vary according to the seasons but are fun and inexpensive,” says,Rahul Shenoy,a third year science student.

Inexpensive tips
Take a late night or late evening walk
If both of you are into sports,doing a sport activity together is a nice option
A great place to hang out is at college events; you can share the work and participate in various events
Learning a new skill together is another fun idea that can be pursued
Take time off together and shoot pictures of a day spent doing a favourite activity. Develop the pictures and you have your own personal memory of a day well spent.

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