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Monday, May 23, 2022

Big blogger

A whole year of blogging and quite prolific too. It has been exciting,revealing and most enjoyable.

Written by PriyankaSinha |
April 14, 2009 5:23:59 am

He’s managed it between flights,stage shows and movie shoots. And it’s been over a year since Amitabh Bachchan turned blogger

A whole year of blogging and quite prolific too.
It has been exciting,revealing and most enjoyable. The discovery of the medium,and having an opportunity through it to connect directly without intrusion has been the most rewarding experience. I have felt the importance of direct talk and the means to be able to be in control of it,independently.

Do you find it addictive?
It has been a strong commitment to the respondents that come on to the site. And now a discipline has set in that prompts me to deliver every day. The respondents have become a part of my ‘extended’ family and our respect for each other has been mutual and strong. The joy of sitting across a desk or table and conversing is immeasurable. But really the best part would be that

I do not have to be compelled to go through another medium to convey my thoughts. Liberty at last,in the truest sense.

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Is the laptop your constant companion these days as necessitated by blogging?
Partially,yes. There are other functions too that need attention through the laptop. But,the blog is a concern for me and not having the proper implements for it is a hindrance.

How wired are you?
‘Wired up’ has different connotations! But I will save that for another day. I presume you are asking me my Internet connectivity. I have broadband connection in the house,Wi-Fi-ed in the rooms for ease of operation,and on locations within India where this is not possible,I use the Reliance and Tata cards in the USB port. The Reliance card speed is quite phenomenal.

Do you follow any other blogs?
I have been to a few,just out of curiosity,but not regularly. Aamir Khan,Karan Johar,Shobhaa De and a very famous one from the US. But not on a continuous basis.

Among your posts,a few generated a lot of debate,such as your observations on Slumdog Millionaire.
Debate is healthy. In a free and liberal society,debate adds to the longevity of democracy. It must always be encouraged. But debate should be rational and without prejudice. Society will gain from it when that happens. Yes,SM generated debate. Good. But in my case it generated it through unwanted bias and misrepresentation of fact. That is wrong and unpardonable.

Which of your posts received the largest number of hits?
Many. It would be difficult to enumerate them. But days of greetings,illness and hospitalisation and my challenges to the media have garnered maximum response.

Blogging or texting — which do you prefer?
Blogging. But I have facility to blog via text too. And very soon BigAdda will provide me with a facility when I shall be able to do an audio blog — to dictate it and also to read a written blog for the client or consumer.

You know you are true-blue blogger if….
….if you are consistent!

There is Sujay Ghosh’s Aladdin coming up wherein you play a genie — what do you think a genie’s blogpost would read like?
If he is a genie — one that is supposed to possess superior powers,why would he feel the need to blog? He would merely wish it and it would be done.

Does your family follow your blogs? Who among them would be a good blogger and why?
Yes,they do. My daughter,Shweta,would make a good writer. She reads a lot and has a great sense of expression as also opinion. But really the blog can be exciting enough for all in the family to contribute.

Will elections find a mention in your blog?
If I feel there is something that I wish to comment on I shall do it.

Has pulling up us journalists resulted in responsible media?
I’m no ombudsman and neither am I in any position of authority on the subject. If I have commented on particular incidents they have largely been personal in nature.

Journalists have the onerous duty and task of informing,passing judgment and forming opinion through a medium that is strong,impressive and penetrative. What you put out is believed as fact and truth. That’s a very precarious situation to be in. My argument and in a sense,concern,is this: How does one individual or one community become the caretaker of our society in a free democratic world without the provision of debate,argument and rational discussion as also clear and unobstructed rebuttal ? In the spirit of fair-play,a term much used but at times ignored by the media,in the spirit of equal response,where do I find myself in a position of equality in their midst? The Internet and the blog given us mortals,subjected to misinformation,a welcome window whereby we can express our grievances without intervention. If this very miniscule presence can take the benefit of a more responsible attitude from the media,then I’m proud to be an Indian; a citizen of the largest democracy in the world.

Can fans expect updates on Aladdin,Pa,Teen Patti and Chenab Gandhi on the blog?
Of course; there have been not just updates but even more. Details of the shoot along with relevant photographs have found space on the blog and hopefully shall continue to find mention.

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