Ballot war splits Mahadik family

Ballot war splits Mahadik family

Political pundits said ideologies have been thrown to the wind in a frenzy to grabpower.

The upcoming assembly polls on October 15 have thrown Kolhapur’s Mahadik family into a fix. With two members of the family fighting the ballot war for different parties and several others holding legislative posts in the region, relatives are left wondering which symbol to root for.

Local residents, meanwhile, are mocking the family, saying that lust for power hasleft little respect for political ideologies. The BJP candidate from Kolhapur South is Amal Mahadik, son of Congress MLC Mahadeo Mahadik. The sitting MP for the constituency is Amal’s cousin Dhananjay Mahadik from NCP, while the BJP nominee’s nephew Satyajit Kadam is contesting on a Congress ticket from Kolhapur North assembly seat.

So, relatives, who are campaigning for the BJP in one constituency are rootingfor the Congress in another. Family friends of the Mahadiks said Amal’s father Mahadeo has refrained from helping out his son, but his wife Arundhati is leading the campaign against sitting MLA Satej Patil. Amal is also not getting much help from his cousin Dhananjay Mahadik, who got elected on an NCP ticket in the Lok Sabha polls. “Mahadik has refrained from campaigning for Congress following the break-up of the alliance.

With no NCP candidate from the constituency, it was expected that Dhananjay would help Satej but he is yet to be seen at the campaigns,’’said a senior Congress leader.

Political pundits said ideologies have been thrown to the wind in a frenzy to grabpower. “Wherever there is an opportunity to get elected, ideologies have taken a back seat,” said a leader. Amal, whose father and Congress MLC Mahadev Mahadik has maintained that his son’s decision to fight for the saffron party was “an individual choice” said the ballot war would be tough with the family divided on political lines.

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