Back in Vogue

Back in Vogue

Hotel management,aviation and maritime studies make a comeback on popular career options this season.

Twenty-two-year old Priya Rathod quit her job of a content writer last week and applied for the post of an air-hostess. “I heard from my flatmate of a possible requirement and I felt that it was a more interesting job than content writing so I took the plunge.” A lot of students’ career choices are reflecting an upward swing for careers in aviation,hotel management and marine engineering.

Pune-based Nisha Aaranya chose to be an air-hostess because it gave her a good income plus the luxury of traveling. “I love flying,visiting different places and countries with so many people. Now its great to know that there is lot of demand for aviation industry which was not so earlier. I even get to do a lot of sight-seeing and get to stay at luxury hotels at the airlines’ expense,” she says.

Three-year-old Ecole Hoteliere in Lavasa is an example of a growing demand for a career in hotel management. The institute was set up in 2009 and has been witnessing an increase in the number of applications since then. “Our intake capacity is 30. We have seen applications increasing per year,” says Sudhir Andrews,dean of Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa,adding,“Earlier 40 percent of students from hotel management were joining other industries as they were provided with better salaries. Lately our industry has woken up to this fact and the payments these days have increased.

The main aim of the students is to learn how to deal with customers. “From hotel management this industry has broadened to hospitality management and from product orientation it has shifted its focus to customer orientation” adds Andrews. Twenty-year-old Anthony Bansole,student of D Y Patil Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology says,“Nowadays people are exposed to culinary shows like MasterChef,which influences their decision to choose their career. The hotel industry is has its ups and downs,but is a sustainable one.”

Maritime studies has also seen a comeback on the popularity charts. “The main attraction of this industry is the income possibilities. Every person who sincerely studies and works hard receives unbelievable salaries in a few years’ time,along with the opportunity to travel the world as the job is very adventurous,” says S Viswanathan,principal of Samundra Institute Of Maritime Studies. With a capacity of 360 students,Vishwanthan says that their selection ratio is one out of 20 applicants.