Aura Fixer

Aura Fixer

By infusing his experience of pranic healing,Delhi-based painter Yogi Sunando Basu intends to visually heal the patrons of his works.

Born in Kolkata,Yogi Sunando Basu has been active as an artist and Pranic healer in Delhi for the past ten years. Basu fuses into his art his spiritual beliefs and fashions his artworks as instruments of spiritual healing. His works are being exhibited at Malaka Spice,Koregaon Park,till December 15.

Basu is greatly inspired by ancient Indian modes of spiritual therapy. “I am an artist by training,having achieved a degree in fine arts from Government College of Arts and Crafts in Kolkata,” briefs Basu,adding,“Art therefore,was always a part of my life. The second calling of my life is Pranic Healing,which is an ancient science used for healing the energy as well as the physical body.”

Delving into the concept of Pranic healing,Basu says “The physical body has seven energy bodies externally,which are often referred to as auras. These energy bodies are very much present and when encountered,have often been mistakenly alluded to as ghosts or God.” These energy bodies or auras,according to Basu,have a direct effect upon the physical body. “These energy bodies have vibrations and in a way control us,” enlightens Basu,adding “A disturbance in the auras could have detrimental effects upon our physical body and vice-versa. A hurt aura could also affect one’s confidence considerably.”

Basu’s paintings therefore,he claims,are vehicles of ‘intended’ visual healing,much on the lines of pranic traditions of healing. “My art is aimed at achieving therapeutic ends. The concept is an ancient one. The artwork works as a yantra does. Every yantra has a form and a particular set of colours which are aimed at storing energy,” claims Basu,adding “Even the classical forms of Gods and Goddesses were designed to serve similar purposes,while most chose to see them as plain idols. To put it simply,combinations of colours and forms can divert energies which address different aspects of life.”

His paintings too are a progeny of spirituality,claims Basu,adding “My subjects usually occur to me while in deep meditation,which is natural because we are all part of a greater form. Our auras therefore help us connect with nature. I encourage patrons of my works to meditate while looking at my art. People have often reported positive results.”