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Friday, July 20, 2018


Aqua Zumba is a panacea for work-out boredom which delivers results

Written by Rushil Dutta | Published: June 17, 2013 12:34:50 am

The participants of varying age groups took their positions in the pool and awaited the event’s commencement,as we walked in. The mild evening rains had blown into a full-fledged torrential cloudburst at the Aqua Zumba dance routine held on Sunday. The Solaris Gym in Mayur Colony,Kothrud,was the setting for the event.

An ideal form of fun exercise for arthritis patients and the obese,this event,though,didn’t have a participant with the aforementioned restrictions. They were there to participate for an hour of frolic in the pool. The event was conducted by Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) Sucheta Pal,India’s only certified Zumba instructor. She took the stage at a horizontal bank of the pool and greeted the audience. The event was replete with spunky Latin-American music; the participants now frenzied with excitement.

Pal broke into a tireless dance-trance thereon,attempting to make the audience resonate with her oscillation. The choreography,it seemed,was designed to ensure maximum participation. What they were engaging in,was akin to synchronised playfulness in water. The participants being made to splash as much water as they could,to celebratory fiesta-music,taking their mind off the muscles they were exercising.

Zumba,a dance-based exercise routine was devised by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez. Zumba,incorporating various Latin-American dance forms with a hint of Bollywood and belly dancing,along with squats and lunges,is Perez’s fun substitute for the monotony of workouts.

There came a point wherein Pal faced her side to the audience and enacted a pushing motion in the air,squatting half-way. In no time,the audience,as though through common-consciousness,was divided into two groups,each attempting to send a bigger wave towards the other. A water fight ensued,conjured by a dance-step and not words.

The choreography progressed from Latin-American to Bollywood; pelvic-thrusts and thumkas,evoking the indigenous spirit of the audience,taking the energy of the event to its crest. Pal was then joined by Chetan Agarwal,the organiser of the event,and a couple routine entailed. The participants formed pairs in the pool,to execute the new steps. The tempo of the choreography was lowered; it was cool-off time. The hour-long jubilation soon ended with “hoorahs” and “Zumba” chanting perpetrated by Pal and the organisers.

According to Pal,an hour of Aqua Zumba,with the forces of gravity and buoyancy acting against one,could help a person lose up to 500 calories. Having seen the rigour of this session,which of course was not felt by the ecstatic participant in us,the claim seemed believable.

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