Animal shelter,made from waste

Beer bottles,car tyres,cycle rims and plastic bottles being used to build the animal-shelter-cum-hospital.

Written by Garima Mishra | Published: June 4, 2013 1:30:59 am

What people throw out,they put to good use. So when Prashant Kumar and Nivedita Joshi Chopra,who call their organisation Rebirth,learnt about an animal enclosures being built near Holkarwadi near Undri,they approached People For Animals (PFA).

The duo proposed to build the animal enclosures for the hospital-cum-shelter using recycled waste materials.

The proposal was approved by April-end and they began work in the first week of May.

Almost 20 per cent of the work is over. Car tyres,plastic bottles,beer bottles and cycle rims are being used to build the shelter. “Beds for dogs and cats have been made with car tyres,plastic bottles have been used to create bird houses and bird feeders. We have used wooden cartons for cats,” says Kumar,adding that they plan to barricade the entire place with bicycle rims. Around 10,000 beer bottles have been used so far,over 40,000 more will be used.

“We realised that bricks,concrete,steel and other building materials are results of mining that causes pollution. We cannot eliminate them completely but we can surely reduce the destruction. Therefore,we joined hands with ‘Rebirth’,” said Manoj Oswal,unit head,Pune PFA.

The animal shelter-cum-hospital,spread over one acre,is divided into several sections,including areas exclusively for big animals,dogs,cats,puppies,post-operative area for animals under treatment,clinic and space for cooking and storage.

The major enclosures have been completed using beer and wine bottles. This includes the dog enclosure,spread over 8,000 sq ft with a central shade area of 600 sq ft,made using around 5,000 bottles. The 400 sq ft cat enclosure has been built using 3,000 beer bottles. “The cattle shed will be made using discarded automobile tyres,” said Oswal. PFA is India’s largest animal welfare organization and has 26 hospitals,165 units and 2.5 lakh members across the country. PFA’s Pune unit was started in 2005 with the guidance of Maneka Gandhi and the unit focusses on animal law enforcement and rescue.

PFA claims that the Holkarwadi animal shelter is the first in the country to be made with recycled materials.

“For this project,we approached people to donate waste materials and got in touch with vendors and scrap dealers,” says Kumar,adding that he and Chopra founded Rebirth in 2012. It focuses on creating quirky art using recycled materials. Besides the duo,there are 10 volunteers working on the project.

Kumar added that using waste materials will bring down cost of building the shelter by 40 per cent. “However,we cannot avoid charges involved in transportation,labour and collection of material,” he adds.

The group is accepting waste materials as donation such as glass bottles,tyres,rims,newspapers,dog food,leftover green food at canteens and restaurants for cattles.

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