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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

All Set To Go

The first-of-its-kind film studio can accommodate most indoor shooting needs within Pune.

Written by Debjani Paul | Published: October 29, 2013 6:58:10 am

Ever heard the saying,“four walls don’t make a home”? Well,they certainly fooled us during a visit to Studio Square One at Wanowrie,which only opened on Sunday evening. We walked into what looked like a cosy kitchen and dining room,with neat,modular fittings and a shiny black platform,topped off with a basket of fruits and a rack of spices. Right by the kitchen counters,stood a small family dining table,where one could imagine many a happy dinner conversation. So imagine our surprise (and perhaps even a little distress) when the scene transformed before us into a hospital ward — with green screens,white iron beds and all.

A couple of men walked in,took the the kitchen apart piece by piece,took away the furniture and brought in the hospital gear. And in half-an-hour,the temperature of the room went from a warm family setup to a cold,clinical hospital ward.

While it may have been a slightly jarring experience for first-timers at a shooting studio,this ability to transform a room from a kitchen to a ward,or a restaurant to a bedroom is exactly what makes the shooting studio the first of its kind in Pune.

The city,with its beautiful natural locations and vibrant culture,is a popular place for television and film shoots. But as soon as it comes to indoor scenes,the entire team has to move to Mumbai to hunt for a filming studio with the sets they need. According to Mayuresh Joshi — one among the five team members who have built the studio — that is how Studio Square One will change the game entirely. Equipped with 3,600 square-feet of indoor space with sets varying from office rooms to restaurants,from hospitals to home,the studio can accommodate most indoor shooting needs within Pune itself.

Six shoots can take place simultaneously in separate sections of the studio,says art director Padmanabh Damle,as long as the sound is not being recorded and synced at the same time. Each of the sections is sized at about 550 square feet and can be converted into different scenes within 30 minutes. Damle,whose career has included interior designing as well as a long string of films he worked on as art director,has used his experience to design the studio in a way that makes it more flexible and versatile. Another USP of the place,Joshi points out,are the light bars on the ceiling. “Conventionally,we place the scene lighting on the ground and during the shoot,we have to avoid certain angles to hide the lights. But at the studio,we can hang lights from the light bars overhead,and the camera can catch a clear view of the room from any angle.

The studio also has a large open-air space outside,where filming crews can build their own sets,or finish an outdoor scene,as well as another 1,200 square feet of empty floor,which can be used to set up more unusual scenes that a shoot may require,such as a jail.

As we finish our round of the studio,we return to the hospital ward and find the studio employees changing it back to the kitchen scene. “We’re going to have a cookery show shot there on Monday,” says Joshi.

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