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A Medley of Sounds

Norwegian electronic musician Mathias Stubø makes his maiden visit to the city ahead of his new album’s release.

Norwegian electronic musician Mathias Stubø makes his maiden visit to the city ahead of his new album’s release.

He looks intently at his console,soaking in the music as his bandmates strike up a new tune. His blond hair is tucked behind his ear on one side and he purses his lips in concentration while playing with sound electronically. In that moment of intense focus,there is an almost beatific expression on his young,unlined face. Barely 20 years old,Mathias Stubø looks even younger than his age and the fact that he has already released two albums and is looking forward to the third,coming out in October,takes you by surprise.

Born to jazz vocalist Kjersti Stubø and jazz guitarist Thor Geir Stubø in Norway,Mathias had a definite head start in music,learning from his parents,and later experimenting on his own. While his beginnings were in jazz,Mathias went through all the regular phases young teens go through in their musical experimentation,from techno to disco and funk and then hip hop.

Now,he includes all these genres in his music,often combining jazz instruments,hip hop rhythms and funk grooves. His two solo albums,1979 and the eponymous Mathias Stubø,display his wide-ranging influences,weaving a completely new sound using varied genres as only electronic music can. “I fell in love with electronic music because it allows you to do whatever you want with it. You can use instruments just like a jazz band does and then play with the sounds and make it seem completely different. Sometimes you don’t need instruments and you can synthesize the sounds too. It’s very flexible,” he says.


Mathias’ performance in the city on Sunday,with DJ Kimchi and Johan Simonsen,a new line-up,will feature songs from his older albums as well as several tracks from his new album,Drift Days. DJ Kimchi has performed at warm-ups and after-parties for celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Swedish House Mafia,while Simonsen is a drummer from Oslo,Norway.

The new album,Mathias says,leans towards hip hop and jazz and makes for an easy listen. With Drift Days,Mathias returns to his jazz roots,using acoustic instruments such as bass,flute,horns and a lot of brass sounds.

The album comprises 20 tracks,mostly instrumentals,though some feature vocals by Norwegian artist Ibasteim. The track Time is Up is an all-synth track,without any acoustic instruments. Mathias describes it as slow and easy,while Alexandra is the complete opposite. Composed from acoustic instruments without any digital processing,the track is more funky and groovy. There is also a short 40-second track that doesn’t focus on any particular rhythm or time,and instead is a medley of sounds.

Mathias Stubo will perform at High Spirits Cafe on Sunday,from 2.30 pm onwards.