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Friday, July 20, 2018

A Fruitful venture

Giving flower bouquets a whole new twist,Fruitilicious offers arrangements made of exotic fruits dipped in chocolate

Written by Prajakta Hebbar | Published: July 3, 2013 4:00:10 am

When was the last time you received flowers as a gift? What does one do with an ornately arranged bunch of flowers? Take them out and put them in a vase? Or keep them on the dining table and watch them wilt away? Now,Fruitilicious,a store on Boat Club Road,has found an answer for this — fruit bouquets.

Themed as “a new-age gifting option”,the store offers a range of fruit bouquets and baskets in a tantalising avatar. Dipped in imported Belgium dark or white chocolate,the bouquets are made of exotic fruits such as honey melons,kiwis,strawberries,grapes and pineapples in molten chocolate and arranged in the shape of a bouquet.

As we walked up to the store,located in one of the bylanes,we were happy to see the cheerful signboard. Upon entering the store,we were slightly confused as there was nothing on display,neither fruits nor chocolates. “People can’t buy things off the shelf as of now,” said Bhagyashree Dholepatil,co-owner of the store. “But we are planning to have a sampling counter and a chocolate fountain soon,” she added.

For the tasting,the Fruitilicious staff had prepared a selection of fruits covered in white and dark chocolate. We started with a slice of apple covered in dark chocolate,and were pleasantly surprised to see that the apple was superbly crunchy as well as juicy,its inherent sweet-tangy flavour perceivable despite the bitter-sweet richness of the covering chocolate. The white chocolate was surprisingly creamy and sweet,and tasted well with the fruit. Marshmallows covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with nuts came next. The relatively hard chocolate cover and the soft core of vanilla and strawberry-flavoured marshmallows were a real treat.

Mostly preferred as a gifting option,these bouquets and baskets are also ordered at weddings and other occasions as a dessert option,said Dholepatil. Priced anywhere between Rs 1,500 and Rs 4,000,these come with titles such as Fruit fairy,Gliterrati,Choco Swizzle and Melonious fall. “People can order them according to preferences,” Dholepatil said. “It depends on a person’s taste. The fruits,type of chocolate,garnish,packages and other knick-knacks — a person can pick and make their own bouquets,” she said. “All we need is a three-hour headstart,” she added.

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