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Woman dies of swine flu, total toll in city 21

Meanwhile, the city on Monday recorded 48 new cases of H1N1 virus.

A 56-year-old Alibaug resident became the latest casualty of H1N1 infection on Monday, after undergoing prolonged treatment for over a month at Holy Spirit Hospital, Andheri. With this death, the total toll of H1N1 deaths in Mumbai has touched 21 so far this year.

According to civic officials, the patient was also suffering from hypertension which aggravated her condition. She was first admitted in Tamboli Memorial Hospital, Raigad, on February 14 after developing fever and fly-like symptoms. Within a day, she was shifted to Holy Spirit hospital for isolation facility.
While in normal cases, a patient is cured of the infection within a week of Oseltamivir medication, the patient continued to test positive for the virus for a month.

On Monday morning, she suffered from acute respiratory distress syndrome along with sepsis and H1N1 pneumonitis.


Dr Mangala Gomare, deputy executive health officer at the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), told Newsline, “She was admitted for H1N1 treatment since the start and her tests came positive for the virus. She was later put on ventilator support.”


Gomare said an H1N1 treatment course continues for five days following which a physician may take a decision to conduct throat swab if the patient’s condition does not improve.

The 56-year-old woman continued to remain in a critical condition throughout her hospital stay.

Meanwhile, the city on Monday recorded 48 new cases of H1N1 virus, of which nine people are currently admitted in various city hospitals and 12 are children.

The toll of H1N1 infection, being reported in significant numbers despite rise in mercury levels, stood at 971 on Monday, way beyond the count recorded in 2010 when an epidemic of the air-borne infection had spread across the country.