With lake levels rising, BMC does away with water supply cuts in city

By October, the city needs a water stock of 14.47 lakh million litres till the onset of the next monsoons.

| Mumbai | Published: August 13, 2014 1:02:51 am

With the total water quantity in the lakes rising more than what was recorded the same time last year, the BMC has done away with the 10 per cent water cut imposed in the city since July. As of August 12, the total water stock in all seven lakes is 12.41 lakh million litres compared with 12.40 lakh million litres last year, an increase of 1,773 million litres.

The BMC’s hydraulic department announced the removal of water cuts at the standing committee meeting on Tuesday. Apart from the 10 per cent water cuts for residential properties, the civic body has also removed the 50 per cent water cuts imposed on commercial establishments and other properties in the city.

“The city gets maximum rainfall in July and August. As we have received good rainfall in the last one month and the water stock has also increased considerably, the city is no more facing a water crisis,” said Ashok Tawadia, deputy hydraulic engineer (planning and control), BMC.

By October, the city needs a water stock of 14.47 lakh million litres till the onset of the next monsoons. Three of the seven lakes have already started overflowing in the last one month. However, the Bhatsa lake, which accounts for more than 50 per cent of the city’s water supply, is still short by 4.06 meters of reaching its maximum capacity. The total usable content in Bhatsa, as of Tuesday, stands at 577,305 million litres as opposed to 682,742 million litres recorded last year, a difference of 105,437 million litres.

Due to inadequate rainfall in the month of June, the civic body had imposed a 20 per cent water cut on residential properties and a 50 per cent water cut on commercial properties. The level was reduced by 10 per cent after the Modak Sagar lake started overflowing on July 30. The Tansa lake, which has received 1,762 mm rainfall till date, also started overflowing on August 4.

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